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What if? Kingdom of Heaven

Assassin’s Creed started off during the 3rd Crusade, but we have never seen the moments before or after that. What happened during the centuries before the events of Assassin’s Creed I? How did the brotherhood of Assassin’s get a foothold in Masyaf and were they present during the Crusades before?

During Assassin’s Creed: The Kingdom of Heaven, we would explore the moments before the events of Assassin’s Creed I. There is a gap of a thousand years between the events of Origins and Assassin’s Creed I, which can be partly filled by this game. We could see the Assassin’s in their prime time, when they were feared by all and most of them passed into legend as the Hashashins…

The world was a dark place during the first and second crusade. Hundreds of thousands died of war and famine and allegiances were more likely to break than to withstand more than one battle. Even Christian cities were raided by Christian forces when they passed by. It was a time of no law and loads of religious indoctrination. However, hundreds of soldiers and generals were killed in action via assassinations, poison or simply dumb luck. These moments actually were quite common and some are confirmed to have been the work of the Hashashins.

During this game we would revisit the cities of Assassin’s Creed I, but in a complete open world map, the size of Assassin’s Creed Origins. We could actually see the story of Altaïr unfold, but out of the eyes of another Assassin. The Assassin brotherhood was at it’s prime during this period of time and had locations all over the middle east. It would be interesting to see Assassin’s from other locations during the 3rd crusade and the events leading up to it, and how those locations were influenced by the events of Assassin’s Creed I. Assassin’s Creed I only featured main locations, but the smaller (coastal) cities weren’t seen at all, while those were actually among the most important locations during the Crusades.

So what would we see in a game like this? Well, first of all we would see a story along side the storyline of Altaïr. How did Altaïr get the information of his targets and what did the other Assassin’s do when Altaïr was on a mission? We would explore the story of an Assassin who’s name would be erased from history and who most have only met Altaïr a few times in his/her life.

The map would be about the size of Assassin’s Creed Origins and fully open from the start. You’ll get a mission to kill a main target, but there are dozens of subtargets to kill first. How you work your way to the main target is up to the player, especially since you don’t have to kill all subtargets to gain access to the main target. Due to this the game is different for each player, while the story would still work out the same way. The original game only featured a few main cities, but the smaller cities and towns were completely left in the dark. It would be interesting to see smaller cities like Enessa and towns, which also saw their share in grim events during the crusades.

It would also work perfectly if you can meet different assassins, each with distinct weaponry and approach styles. Eventually you would rank up to the rank of master, in which you can actually assign up to four assassins to help you on your quests. However, it would be quite thrilling that there is a permanent death function for these assassins and a level up system. Combining the best functions from Origins, Brotherhood and it would be a combination from the kingdom of heaven and the orginal Assassin’s Creed I.

Why would this work for Assassin’s Creed? It is literally a leap back to the roots of the franchise, we’ll see parts of the story of the original game, but from a different perspective and we’ll visit a medieval world unlike we have never seen before. Because of the flat rooftop style building, loads of alleys and dozens of hiding spots, the cities in the game would be perfect for parkour. Perhaps they could even let us play as Altaïr after he has become the mentor of the Levantine Assassins… The options and unanswered questions from this era are nearly endless and it would be a welcome sight to explore.