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VERSUS SERIES: Bayek vs Aveline

In this series of articles, I am going to explore the characteristics of Bayek and some other main characters from the franchise. Enjoy the read, as I will take you on a journey across time, locations and lots of violence… Aveline de Grandpre is here today. *warning! spoilers ahead!*

Weaponry and fighting skills:
Aveline is raised to be a lady, not an Assassin. However, because of all the unfair problems in society she noticed, she wanted to act against this injustice. After she tried to rescue a black man from slavery, she meets Agaté. Impressed by her actions, he decides to train Aveline as an Assassin for the Brotherhood. While trained in hand to hand combat, her real skill lays in sneaking, infiltrating and assassination by temptation…

Bayek of Siwa on the other hand is wildly different. While the player can more or less chose how to play, most players end up in close quarter combat and sometimes ranged. Sneaking is a part of his armory, but not necessary. Bayek is by far the more physical one, which isn’t per se worse or better. They are both just wildly different in their approach of combat.

Personality and life:
Aveline was a child of a rich French merchant called Philippe de Grandpré. Her mother was his African slave, called Jeanne, which makes it all the more difficult. Aveline was however quite lucky and was raised as a privileged lady in the city of New Orleans. After encountering the huge contrast between rich and poor, and master and slaves, Aveline decides she doesn’t want to stand idly by. She tries to rescue a slave and by doing so, she is noticed by an Master Assassin called Agaté. Here she also learned to use different costumes in her advantage during missions.

After shutting down a major Templar slave operation in Chichen Itza, she is confronted by her own stepmother. She turns out to be a Templar and Aveline has no other choice than to cooperate. This is however for short notice. It doesn’t take long before Aveline kills all the templars present in New Orleans, successfully ridding the entire city of Templar influence.

Bayek has had an entirely different life, with way more people he personally lost. Bayek traveled across the entire country, while Aveline mostly navigated in New Orleans and the surrounding Bayou. In comparison to Aveline, had Bayek way more training and experience. Bayek was trained from a child on out every day to be a soldier and protector. This is the main difference between Bayek and Aveline. Experience and training.

Both of them had vastly different reasons to act out, but they both did their part, millennia apart. While Bayek created the Brotherhood, Aveline was the one to revive it together with a couple of other assassins. In battle Bayek would have easily had the upper hand, sneaking would go to Aveline, as she was more skilled in silent and unnoticed approaches.