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VERSUS: Bayek of Siwa vs Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Here is the second part of the Versus series. This time it’s our new hero Bayek of Siwa again, now facing Ezio Auditore da Firenze. How does the founder Assassin hold up again the great Assassin of Italy, once a rebel boy – now the founder of the Rome Brotherhood.

Weapons and mastery

Starting with Ezio, in the beginning he had one hidden blade. Processing through the game he came to posses a second hidden blade. Making Ezio the most efficient Assassin with the hidden blade. He also had ranged weapons like de throwing knives and poison darts. As you see, in Assassins Creed 2 we got for the first time a large equipment of weapons. And with the help of Leonardo da Vinci his equipment gets enlarged. One of these inventions of Da Vinci is the hidden gun which he also gets to use.

Through the years (games) Ezio gets in contact with more weapons, like a crossbow for example. Also his hidden blade gets an upgrade: hookblade, with which he could reach higher while climbing. Also regular firearms came to his possession, though he rarely used them because of his hidden gun. And he could pick up weapons of fallen enemies, though he could not carry it around forever.

Bayek on the other hand had a wide range of weapons at his disposal. Being a natural warrior from birth and living in an age were everything was more basic then the renaissance, he truly is the better user of weapons. He knows how to use bows in more ways that it looks like he wheels a gun. He also knows how to fight with: spears, multiple types of swords, heavy hammers, axes, scepters and daggers. Though he only has one hidden blade, he knows how to assassinate 2 using a throwing dagger. This makes Bayek the better warrior in direct combat. Ezio the better stealth assassin, based on equipment usages.

Family and love

Ezio lived an easy life for most years in his childhood and teenage years. Then we witnessed Ezio losing his father and two younger brothers. He had to flee from his home, saving his mother and sister. He found shelter with his uncle Mario, who explained his heritage, starting his life as an assassin. Meanwhile Ezio had a difficult relationship with Christina, because of the life Ezio took on. Ezio lost he to another man, because he could not be with here for 2 years. Throughout beginning years as an assassin the two met again several times, but never resulting in a permanent relationship. In the end Ezio runs in Savonarola’s men storming in the home of Christina and his husband, Manfredo. Manfredo was injured when he fought them of and Christina too, when she tried to flee. Ezio took them men out and found Christina. Together they tried to get away, eventually in vain: Christina died of her wounds.

He lost Mario as well when his hideout, the Villa in Tuscany, was besieged.

Later on Ezio lived his life as an assassin and followed his duties, making him Mentor and achieving many goals: Freeing Roma, killing the Borgia, founding the brotherhood of Italy, training many men and so on. In later age he visited Mysaf to seek knowledge of Altair and his heritage. After some struggle (Revelations) he discovered the Hidden Library, revealing supernatural characters and faceing Desmond Miles. This all was very confusing for Ezio, but he accepted the fact that there were things which couldn’t be explained, so he took his peace with it and he played his part.

Bayek lived a good life too for many years, having a wife and child. And worked as a Medjay. Nothing seemed to go wrong. When suddenly he was knocked out and his child  kidnapped, everything went south. His child was killed and he and his wife had to go separated ways to find the killers of their child. Resulting in uncovering a secret plot of sieging power in Egypt. Bayek didn’t know by then that his role in this was already being the future assassin he is. After killing many people in the Order of the Snake he discovers that he and Aya, his wife, been deceived. Their trust was broken, though the did find the killer of their son. After evaluating the things that had pasted they made a pact, making them the first of the assassins, but resulting in Aya having to leave for Rome. Leaving Bayek heartbroken.


Both of them had seen a lot of terrible things, but both of them stood confident and moved on. Making both of the vicious warriors who were born leaders. It would be unfair if someone came out winner in this, because the times were different and they had to deal with other demons. But they both did the good thing and freed both countries of evil.

Next week: Bayek vs. Connor.