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Member Blogs conditions

When you are a visitor / follower of MyCreed you always can give us the latest news or pictures or ….. But you also can become a writer / vlogger or … for us. In the member blog section (Dutch and English) we created a special section where we place the member content.

Send in

You can send in your blog / article or … (content) to the following email address: Don`t forget to give us as much as information as you can. Think about more information about yourself, and don`t forget to send some hig-res pictures.


Once we have your email we take a look at the content. If we are thinking this is what we are looking for what we can publish on MyCreed we will give you a email when it will be published. If we are thinking this will not fit in MyCreed you get a email with the reason why we did not approve it.

There is no warranty that we publish your content, but we take a good look and care to all the emails with the content we get.

Credits, copyright and ownership

All the credits to your content will be giving to the original writer. But after publishing on the website / Facebook or other media by MyCreed, MyCreed will become the owner of this content. Meaning once placed it will become a property of MyCreed. The original writer cannot retracted the content or demand to take it down.

Team member

When you write content for MyCreed you will be seen as a Assassin`s Creed fan who write for us and with us. You are not a part of the MyCreed Team yet. Once your wrote many content, and you become more involved by MyCreed we as a Team will decided if you can become a full member or you stay as a respectful Assassin`s Creed fan who helped us with making content for MyCreed.

We really appreciate all the content which you can deliver us.
We handle it the same as the content from a full Team member.
Even when you have a idea or … just send us a email and we will take a look at it.


The terms and conditions of this disclaimer are applicable to this website By using this website or the information on it. You accept terms and conditions of this disclaimer. In case of differences between the terms and conditions of specific products and/or services ordered through this website. The terms and conditions of the specific product prevail over ours.

Use of the MyCreed site

the information on this website is exclusively meant as general information. This website can not provide the rights to the information on it. Although MyCreed takes carefulness into consideration when creating and maintaining this website. While using sources that are assumed trustworthy. MyCreed cannot be held responsible for the correctness, completeness and actuality of the information offered. Neither does MyCreed guarantee that the website will function without problems. MyCreed does not take responsibility for the correctness, completeness or actuality of the offered information. Or the (undisturbed) use of this website.

Third party information, products and services

When MyCreed shows links to third party websites. It does not mean that MyCreed recommends products or services on this website. MyCreed takes no liability or responsibility for the content, the use of or the availability of websites linked to by or that link to this website. The use of these links is at your own risk. The information on these websites has not been checked by MyCreed on correctness, reasonability, actuality or completeness.

Use of the information

MyCreed reserves all intellectual ownership rights and other rights with relation to all on or through this website offered information (among which all texts, graphic material and logos) unless said differently. It is not permitted to copy, to download or in any other manner make these public in any way, To distribute them or to copy them without prior written consent by MyCreed or the owner of the rights. You may however print and/or download information on this website for personal use.

YouTube video

All YouTube videos are owned respectively by the publisher of the video. Unless shown differently on YouTube. MyCreed hereby declares that it does not give the rights to any used video or audio material.


MyCreed reserves the right to change the information on this website including but not limited to this disclaimer at any time without making an announcement. We recommend checking back on this website periodically if the information and/or this disclaimer have changed.

Applicable law

This website and the disclaimer are subject to Dutch law. All disputes due to or in connection with this disclaimer will exclusively be put forward to an official judge of the Dutch court.