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Blog: Setting and story Idea I: Assassin’s Creed Revolver PART V

Chapter IV (1866-1880): Brothers and Sisters

This part is actually the largest part of the game and the player gets loads of freedom to play the game as he/she sees fit.


The protagonist is now a simple hunter in the west, living under the radar. After the assassination of Lincoln the Templars are deeply infiltrated in the US government and the only thing the protagonist can do is try to take out some key figures and locations. The story will bring us to the small towns of the western part of the continent. Rural life is almost the only way of life as there are no links to civilization beyond the rail roads. There are countless gangs and life is unforgiving.


In the forests, great plains, desert, towns and small cities, the protagonist takes down privately owned mining companies, rival gangs and robs banks and trains in order to give some punches to the Templar agenda. After a while the protagonist has his/her own gang, wearing the assassin logo and multiple hideouts.


The protagonist is also tasked to save Indians from the US army and in doing so becoming an outlaw.
Again the player can hunt on animals, but besides all of this, the player can rob banks, trains and shops. Also bounty hunting is apparently a big thing in the west. The player can fast travel from and to certain locations, as train stations, cities, towns and fortresses.


The fifth and last part of the story will be told in the next part.