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Blog: Setting and story Idea I: Assassin’s Creed Revolver PART IV

Chapter III (1860-1865): North and South


1962. The war isn’t going well for the Union States. After having lost most battles and all the key battles it is time for a change. Abraham Lincoln is desperate and hopes to see an end of the bloody war. At this point the Assassin follows him home and has a conversation with the president.
It isn’t long before the protagonist is assigned a key mission in the Civil War.

Most important battles of the protagonist during the civil war:
April 6, 1862: Battle of Shiloh:
General Grant his forces are attacked by the Confederate Generals Johnston and Beauregard. At this moment the protagonist is tasked to kill the generals. While he succeeds in killing Johnston, Beauregard flees after the Union gets loads of reinforcements. The Confederates get a large moral hit when Johnston is killed. President Davis himself said that the loss of Johnston was “the turning point of our fate”.


September 17, 1862: Battle of Antietam:
The Protagonist tries to ambush a few Confederate Soldiers. After a successful ambush he/she finds a note in which he/she learns that Lee’s forces are divided. After a conversation with General Grant, they decide to attack. Taking up arms, the Assassin has to take out key advantage points of the Confederates.
While the battle is not the success Grant was hoping for, Lee’s plan to attack northern territory in Maryland were crossed.

July 3, 1863: Battle of Gettysburg:
Three days the battle went on. Thousands of young souls were killed in another bloody battle. The South thought they could win this battle, but nothing was less true. Officers were killed from the bushes, houses and forests. Eventually the battle was lost by the Confederates. Didn’t they know it was almost singlehandedly won because of the Assassins.


The chapter ends by winning the war, but after a failed attempt to save Lincoln from being assassinated, the US government sees the protagonist as an accomplice and wants his/her head.

The fourth part of the story will be told in the next part.