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Blog: Setting and story Idea I: Assassin’s Creed Revolver PART III

Chapter II (1858-1860): The end of an era


The protagonist is tasked with his/her own crew of Assassins to take down key figures in order to stop the Southern States from a secession of the US, which is secretly a plan of the Templars to rebuilt the US as they see fit. The protagonist will go to events and try and kill Templar officers, slave owners, business owners and officials from the Southern US states. The player will fast travel to multiple cities, but these are only partly accessible.


However upon returning at the stronghold of the Assassin’s in New York in mid of July 1857, the protagonist and his crew are stunned after hearing the news. The entire brotherhood, which wasn’t that big to begin with, is killed in a fire as a result of the chaos which later becomes known as the Dead Rabbits Riot.

Now fighting without a leadership, the protagonist goes to a rally of the abolitionists. Now having a new cause he/she joins John Brown with the raid of Harpers Ferry Armory. While he/she didn’t kill anyone and was one of the few to escape, this act becomes one of the first sparks of the Civil War.

The third part of the story will be told in the next part.