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Blog: Setting and story Idea I: Assassin’s Creed Revolver PART II

Chapter I (1851-1858): Brotherhood


The game starts in the mid-19th century, were a boy/girl (choice is up to the player) of 16 years of age is living with his/her parents in Boston. His/her father is a highly government official, working long days.
For a business trip the family goes to the South to meet the proud owner of some cotton fields.
Seeing slaves, the boy/girl is disgusted, but the parents do not seem to have any problems with it.
Later that day the player gets out of the house and frees some slaves, and in doing so destroying the business plans for the protagonists father.

As a result the father kicks him/her out of the family when they arrive back in Boston.
Coming from a wealthy family, he/she learned to fight with a sword and using a rifle and pistol. With only a small amount of money, the protagonist quickly takes a job as a hunter.


Then the story takes an unexpected turn, as the protagonist sees a man being cornered by four mercenaries. By mistake a few others see him/her too and start shooting. The player then has to save him/herself and the cornered man.

Wounded, the man tries to run away from the protagonist but collapses after a short pursuit. The protagonist brings the man to a hunting cabin and tends to the wounds. Gaining the trust of the man, called Jeremy Monroe, they travel together to Chicago, Illinois. Here the protagonist is questioned to join the last of the Assassin’s in hopes to restore peace throughout the US.

The second part of the story will be told in the next part.