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Blog: Setting and story Idea I: Assassin’s Creed Revolver PART I

As a first of a hopefully returning article, I will take you back to the untold stories and settings in the Assassin’s Creed Universe. I will write about my ideas and opinions in what I think would make a great game and an excellent setting. To start of I will tell about the real history of the setting and then give you a possible story in that time period including gameplay features and some important key figures.

Of course none of this is official and should entirely be treated as fan made material.


The United States of America, 1840-1880
The 19th century is one of the most bloodiest periods in the history of the United States. First a war with Mexico and then the seceding of the Southern States resulting in the United States Civil War.

In the period of 1866 – 1880 the United States is still in turmoil after a civil war of five years. The North and the South still look at each other with hatred and thousands of American civilians moved towards the west to find the American Dream.


It wasn’t long until the American civilians ran into the western Indian Tribes. Just as a hundred years before, the white man, with professions like homesteaders, ranchers and miners, were threatening the Indian ways of life. Feeling threatened the Indians preyed upon the American people, killing hundreds.

The United States Army was called in to crush the Indian forces and bring them to government controlled reservations. And by doing this, destroying thousands of years of heritage.

The game will bring the player into the heart of all of the racial issues, wars for the territories and of course the US Civil War.


There are multiple key features the game addresses:
– Hunting, the player can hunt animals and skin them. Sell the pelts and meat for dollars or use the items for crafting.
– Bounties, bank/train robbing, cattle herding/stealing. Later in the game, the player will become an outlaw in which the player can do all these things in random encounters.
– Civil War battlefields. The player will be tasked with important assassinations and missions during these battles.
– Important historic figures like Ulysses Grant, Davis, Lincoln.
– Multiple cities with countryside (examples: Boston, Chicago, New York, Charleston)
– Online co-op missions, free roam and character building
– Own character and skills/specialization (Role Playing Game parts)
– Soundtrack similar to that of Red Dead Redemption

The first part of the story will be told in the next part.