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SATURDAY THEMEDAY: Templar Schemes – Francois-Thomas Germain

Today we discuss how Francois-Thomas Germain played a part in the events of the French Revolution in the Assassins Creed part called: Unity. Which actions he made happen and what his plans were for the Templar Order and the world.

Francois (born on 1726) was of profession silversmith and sage. In private he was a grandmaster of the Order of Templars, of the Paris Region.  Francois got his hand on the Codex Pater Intellectus, when he read it he got enlightened and felt he had to reform the order. He believed the Order was corrupt. He wanted to turn the France into a capitalistic society so the templars could more easily control the populace.

Before he could do so, he had to eliminate the current grandmaster at that time: Francois de la Serre. Who happened to be the father of the lover of Arno Dorian, who would become a real threat to the cause of Francios. Germain succeeded in the assassination and could get on the position of grandmaster.

Germain used to chaos of the French revolution to exploit his moves. He even increased to chaos to strike fear in the rebels and populace, to get time in line. During the time Germain order his templars to horde food from the farmers and royal family. King Louis XVI found his death here too.

The deceiving mastermind that he is, Francois met with Arno and falsely accused Lafrenière of the murder on de le Serre. Arno still wanted revenge and blindly trusted Germain, so he went on to get Lafrenière murdered. Here after, Arno overheard Germain talking about his plans. Germain planned to get Elise eliminated. Arno rushed off to save her.

Later on, Germain got Louis XVI executed. Arno and Francois got a confrontation during this event, where Francois explained his actions. He was convinced that after the death of Louis France can enter a new age. Where the templars can gain more control and the Order’s reconstruction would be completed. After the execution Germain escaped and Arno had to deal with assistants of him.

Now Germains plans worked out, he ordered his right hand Maximilien de Robespierre to execute The Reign of Terror. Which meant that every traitor and moderatism followers would be killed. During this event Germain locked himself in the temple, while wielding the Sword of Eden. The sword of Eden said to grant the wielder charisma and leadership and it can fire energy blasts. Also it can locate foes of the wielder through echo’s.

Though the temple has no weak spots and is heavily guarded, Arno and Elise made their way through. Arno first reached Germain on the rooftops, but he underestimated him. The Sword of Eden gave Germain the upperhand and give him the chance to flee. Germain retreated to the vault. Elise and Arno catched up and made plans that Elise would distract Germain so Arno could get to a vantage point to strike him. The plan worked out. Elise and Germain discussed the nature of the Templars giving Arno the time to get in place and successfully strikes Germain three times. Though the power of the Sword pinned Arno in a large chunk of debris. Elise now had to chose to help Arno or go after Francois. She first went for Arno but her wish for vengeance got the better of her. In the clash she tries to damage the sword. Which she did, but results in a huge blast. It kills Elise and wounds Francois heavily. Arno breaks free and tried to get on time to help Elise but the damage had already been done.

“Bravo. You’ve slain the villain. That is how you’ve cast this little morality play in your mind, isn’t it? […] At the moment, I’m bleeding out on the floor of the Temple. But it seems the Father of Understanding has seen fit to give us this time to talk. […] Think on this: the march of progress is slow, but it is inevitable as a glacier. All you have accomplished is to delay the inevitable. One death cannot stop the tide. Perhaps it will not be my hand that shepherds mankind back to its proper place – but it will be someone’s. Think on this when you remember her.”

―Germain’s final words, 1794

Though not dead yet, Germain was bleeding heavily and his wounds would kill him eventually. But it gave him time to explain his motives and what he had seen in a vision of the First Civilization. He shares this vision with him. Finally he says to Arno the even if his dies here his plans already had worked out and there would be little to do about it now.

Germain dies there and Arno moves out of the temple resulting in the end of Unity. In a final scene Arno returns to the temple accompanied by Napoleon and they gather the Gemains of Germain and bury them in the Parisian Catacombs.

As conclusion it can be said that Germain played a huge part in the Order of the Templars. His plans worked out after his death. France went into a Republic age and Napoleon got on the position as new leader. The royal family was banished from France and so it’s good to say that Germain was a mastermind in deceive and manipulation.