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MyCreed World started from the beginning with some partners. These partners provide us with support on Facebook or in their stores. In 2016 we started to partner up with a few other companies so we could start with contests within MyCreed World. We are collaborating with Ubisoft, Game Mania, Large, 2eKansGames and Kadokar. These partners support us by sharing some products which we can give trough a contest to our followers.

With the special support of The Business Barons Club India, who is investing in MyCreed World and provide us with a small office. Sohosted, a hosting and domain company which support us with a good and stable server 24/7.

Click on the banners for more detailed information about our Partners, Friends and contests and promotions.

MyCreed World has partners in different sections: Partners, Friends and The Brotherhood. They are all supporters, but in every section they support something else within MyCreed World. The Partner section, here you can find all the partners who mentioned us in social media or in the stores. Also send us gifts (merchandise, discounts, games and more) which we can share under our followers. The Friends section is a part where we work with other artists and cosplayers within MyCreed Creations and MyCreed CosplayThe Brotherhood section is a full Facebook section. Here we share our partners which support us on Facebook, by mentioning us or share our messages.

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