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Origins Quests: Try to finish them all

*some spoilers can be read in this article* So you have played Origins for a lot of hours already, I guess. You may have noticed that there is a lot to do, everywhere you go you encounter quests: Peasants in trouble, a murder to solve, main quests and many more. Lets dig in all the activities.

Main- and side quests

Like any game, you will have these quests. The main story follows Bayek seeking revenge for the death of his son, accompanied by Aya, his wife. You will travel to many regions in Egypt, like Alexandria and Memphis. These quests will lead, ofcourse, to the origins of the “Assassins Creed”.

Then there’s a lot, I mean really a lot, of side quests to complete in Origins. Ubisoft developed a good variation of types of quests: One time you will investigate a murder in a city, the other time you will assist rebels against the Order, or you need to save imprisoned peasants. And there are many more other adventures. Notice that there will be a lot of travel time needed to do all this, but that isn’t a punishment, right?


Other than basic quests in the game are objectives for every camp, monument, city, tomb or temple. This means that in a camp, for example, you will need to eliminate captains, commanders and loot treasures. Camps variate in, what’s my opinion, four levels: small, medium, large, huge. Small will have a captain, treasure and a couple of soldiers, medium a captain, treasure and around a dozen soldiers. Large will have a captain and a commander, treasure (maybe two) and a dozen soldiers. Huge will have two captains, commander, minimal two treasures and above fifteen soldiers, mostly twenty. Good luck!

Then, in a temple you have to search for papyrus clues. The clues hold some sort of poetry in which is revered to a location where you can find treasures. When you solve such “puzzle”, you not only find the treasure, but also earn decent experience. Worth the time, but without tips online, it will cost some time.

Tombs will need you to loot treasures, or find an “ancient tablet”. Completing these will give experience, or, in case of ancient tablets, an ability point.

Then there are treasure spots, always guarded, simply loot these locations. Worth the time too, gives you some good weapons or, and this is important, crafting ingredients. Eventually, for upgrading your gear will need to have “carbon crystals”. These will be hard to find, so saving those will pay off.


Cute little guy, right? Guess that you have met him already. Young little nomad, with his camel and merchandise. Not only does he sell rare items, he gives you a daily quest when you meet with him. This will result in a rare item most of the time. Always matched with your level. So when you run into him, chat for a while and you can complete an extra quest. Notice that it will have a time limit.


Origins is not a MMO, that’s clear, but you have some kind of interaction with other players. When you travel, you will sometimes notice a blue skull icon. When you walk towards this, you will see a body laying down. You can interact with this and it will give you a quest. It needs you to go to an enemy patrol, simply eliminate them and you will be rewarded.


You must have heard of them, or maybe felt them. These single army soldiers are bounty hunters. There are ten of them, and possess decent gear and abilities. Watch yourself in your travels. Eventually you can hunt them, the hunter becomes the hunted, when you are on a higher level. On the map you can mark them and see their level. Be above their level, otherwise they kill nearly instantly.

So I guess that’s most of it. You can see there is enough to do and it never gets boring. I can really see that Ubisoft invest a lot of time to create such a variating game.

More detailed articles on features of Origins to come….