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SATURDAY THEMEDAY – Pyramids and Sphinx’s: Exploring the Pyramids of Giza

I saw them from the rooftops of the city of Alexandria, the ancient buildings created by empires long gone. But I longed for it, they called to me and my drift for adventure. Slowly but steadily they appeared closer, until I could finally touch them. My hands touched to white stone and a shock went through my body. These huge buildings are ancient, they have been here for millennia, and will be here for even longer than that… Welcome to the Pyramids of Giza.

These magnificent buildings will appear on the horizon for the first time after a couple of hours of playing the game. Right at that moment you already want to go there, as the white stones which they have been built with, reflect the sun. They seem so close, but as soon as you want to travel to them, you notice just how far they actually are. Besides, they are also in territory still too difficult to survive. This meant that my exploration of the Pyramids would have to be postponed for some time later.

It took my 25 hours, but I finally arrived at Letopolis, a city just north east of Giza. The desert terrorizes the city with a constant flow of sand and sandstorms. After my business in Letopolis, I thought it was time to start my expedition to the pyramids. Little did I know that this would become one of the best decisions I had made in the entire game. I saddled my horse, brought my iron will and started my trip through the desert.

At the screenshot above, you can see how I first entered Letopolis, a city just North East from the Pyramids of Giza. In the distance you can already see the Pyramids rising up from the desert. They are still quite the ride on horseback and it took me another 5 minutes to arrive at their respective location from this road.

Here I was, little under 500 meters from the largest Pyramid ever built in the history of mankind. At first I thought it was just a few hundred meters away, but the ride towards the food of the pyramid took way longer as I anticipated and it was a whole lot larger. At my arrival I first wanted to climb the top, as each Assassin would do. As the wall is oblique, it is quite difficult to climb, but by using wall runs straight out of Prince of Persia, and slow controlled descends, I eventually arrived at the top. This delivered a view I had never dreamed of, but will do so in the future!

Then it was time to explore the Pyramid’s innards, so I descended by sliding down the entire Pyramid. After arriving at an entrance, I entered the dark man made cave. I used my torch to see where I was going and what I had to do. Crawling through small and tiny spaces and sometimes solving mysteries and more, I arrived at the tomb filled with treasure…

After looting the tomb, just like a real tomb raider, I had to find my way out of the Pyramid. This was a lot easier than getting in, but still resulted in me almost falling to my death. Luckily I could grab a hold of a ledge just before my body hit the imminent ground. I descended safely to ground level and walked out as nothing had happened, except being only a whole lot richer than before…