Subject: Thijssen Wolfie Dionyssos Stehouwer
Sex: Male
Date of birth: December 26, 1997
Member of the Brotherhood.
Favorite character(s): Edward and Ezio, but also Jacob….
Favorite part(s): Brotherhood, IV and Origins
Member since: October 30, 2017

What is your role inside the MyCreed Network?
I’m one of the moderators in the MyCreed Global and MyCreed Nederland Facebook groups. i’m there to watch over the group so it will be friendly toward all members and not breaking any rules from the group, but hey, i’m not a bad guy, i like to talk with the members about everything inside the AC topic! 🙂

When was your first contact with the franchise?
This question is very funny to answer haha, well my first contact with the franchise was at a friend’s place. i was like 12 years old i guess and not allowed to play 18+ games. When i started playing it was AC III. I enjoyed the game very well and wished my parents would let me play at home haha! sadly i forgot the name of this amazing game, so i couldn’t play it for a few years. (also my parents wouldn’t let me) but when i found out about AC III a few years later i never forgot the name again! a friend’s brother even borrowed me the game. (my parents didn’t agree in first place.) later i got the game from the same guy, a great christmas gift which brought me into the fandom!!

Who is your favorite assassin or templar? And why?
Ezio and Edward, but also Jacob.
why you ask? well Ezio, a classy dude with a big story. i loved his personality and the way how he became a man.
Edward.. well i’m a big fan of pirates! i learned a lot about pirating from Edward, i also learned how to talk like a pirate by playing his games. i’m still thankful for that! i also love his personality, the filthy liar! haha.
And Jacob, that’s because his personality matches mine haha! i love his jokes and way of thinking!

Besides being a gamer, are you a collector or an historian?
definitely a collector. i like the history as well but i’m not that great in learning (and reminding) the years or what exactly happened and where. but that doesn’t take away that i love to hear about the history or try to learn about it 😉

What has Assassin’s Creed taught you in your personal life?
Many things, i live by the creed. No, Seriously. I learned from every assassin a bit. but the most importand lessons i learned must be: never give up the fight, the moment we do that we have lost. Never lose the hope, and wanting something doesn’t give you the right to have it.