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MyCreed World 2018, almost over!

Traditionally, I always look back at the past year. Of course I do this about MyCreed, Assassin’s Creed and this time a bit about my private life. We got a new big Assassin’s Creed game this year. MyCreed is well and firmly on its feet after all these years. The other team members will also write a similar piece, so keep your eye on looking back over the year 2018. And of course I also look at 2019, because there is more Assassin’s Creed than we thought!

MyCreed World

After years of setting up sub-brands, new parts, it was the task this year to create unity in our image and that all brands we have also have a function and purpose. After we had discussed with the Design Team how and in terms of appearance, it soon became clear that the focus would be on three sub-brands. That is the Netherlands, Global and Creative. The image of the Netherlands has remained almost the same. However, Global has received a totally different and fresh new color. Cosplay and Creations went further under Creative and naturally also got a new fresh color. The Clubs (Facebook Groups) also received their own logo. This is because the clubs really have a different function than the page and website. With these two parts, we determine the content and when something comes. At the clubs it is all for our members / followers. Our influence is very little within these clubs, we apply and implement the rules and for the rest it is up to you, our readers and followers.

After we adjusted the look, the clubs gave their own face, it was now time to take on the biggest challenge! And then I aim at our website. The current website is certainly a few years old in terms of style, but we are very pleased with how it looks. However, the website was folded and there was no overview anymore. We have addressed this, the entire old menu has been replaced by the menu we see now. Now it is not so when you adjust the menu that also changes the website immediately, no, each message had to be adjusted separately. I especially wanted that when you open a blog, for example, that it should look super-tight and neat in graphical terms. We got this done, every blog or even piece has its own atmosphere and is completely tuned to the author.

All of this was really a huge job and took a lot of time, but what the website looks like now is fantastic. This is exactly the website as I personally wanted to have and see these for years. The mobile version remains a thing since our current theme is anything but mobile friendly. The mobile version is in fact a world of difference compared to the Desktop version. This is something we will look at in 2019, we will be discussing what we are going to do and want to do. If we all want to have the same page (desktop and mobile) we will have to switch to a totally new design and that is a lot of work, so we are going to see if we get the mobile version really acceptable.

For the following year, I do not expect much changes as far as the website is concerned, because everything looks great as it is now. But it may also be that we are shutting down the entire website to build and launch a totally new website. But this depends on free time as this is a big job. The most important thing is that MyCreed really stands solid on all fronts and looks sleek / neat and well-organized. This is how I envisioned MyCreed and that is what it is now, my compliments also to the design team!

Assassin’s Creed

I did not hide my opinion about Odyssey. But it’s not about my personal opinion in this piece. I would like to refer you to my blog about why I stopped playing Odyssey. Everyone was under the impression that there would be no new Assassin’s Creed this year. We thought back for a moment that we would no longer get a new part every year. But all of a sudden there was the announcement that there would be a new part called Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The hype was quite high, this was really noticeable within the clubs and pages. But it decreased quickly, people were and remained enthusiastic however it was not a huge group as we saw this at Origins. There were also many sounds that people first started with Red Dead Redemption 2 (this came out a week or two later) and then Odyssey would  be bought and played. This year it was really Red Dead Redemption that caused the hype to be less for Odyssey.

But there were also a lot of noises that people really thought it was too much like Origins. Although Odyssey was really much bigger, busier and more impressive than Origins, everything seemed too much alike. Ancient Greece and Egypt “seemed and felt” really too much of the same and “bin there done that”. Maybe the choice would have been better not to play it in ancient Greece but in a really totally different setup. Then I think more of old Russia, Japan or China, something that you saw a big difference. And I know that Greece and Egypt are two different countries, and looked like that, but it did not feel like that. Also the choice to release this year was a wrong choice. Many people were still busy with Origins because it already contained so much content. Or many picked up this part later and got in trouble. This is the risk when a game becomes so huge. Previously this was not the problem because Assassin’s Creed was not that big.

But next year in 2019 there will be no new big Assassin’s Creed game. There is still a lot of DLC, many extra missions and updates and so on. And to top it all off, Assassin’s Creed III and …. comes in a totally new look. There will be a remaster from both somewhere in March. So for everyone who has missed these two parts this is your chance. If you buy the Season Pass, you are entitled to a copy of both games. If you do not have a Season Pass, you can probably just buy these games separately. Apart from that, there are also rumors that something will come to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch under the name “Assassin’s Creed Compilation”. What exactly is this going to be that we can only bet on a remaster of a certain part? And it should be released in March and who knows, this is the code name for the remasters of Assassin’s Creed III and Liberation ?! Because Liberation was already on a handheld the PSVita!

On a personal level

Last year I lost my mother, this loss was enormous and has turned my world upside down. And it still does, it is always a very difficult and tedious time. Also because she certainly contributed to the fact that I got Assassin’s Creed in my possession about 11 years ago. And of course because she was sincerely fan of what we did with it through MyCreed. At that time I decided to write a blog about her and her influence on everything. What happened next was really nice, but then really. The reactions I received on Facebook on the page and in the club were fantastic. This really helped me, all those heart-warming reactions, and also others who had experienced the same thing short or long ago. At that moment I realized that MyCreed has a very close community. After all, we are talking about a video game, no more and no less. And our community, you are always neat / polite / content but also a huge support for each other. And this is really fantastic to see and read.

I would therefore like to thank you again for all the support I received. Because this is what MyCreed is about, being together, a nice community that knows each other’s value. Because the internet is sometimes a drain, where everyone just shouts everything and everything and screams and it is beautiful, this is not the case with us.

The entire Blog can be read here, the topic on Facebook can be read here. (both are in the Dutch Language)
Once again, our sincere thanks to everyone.


Next year there will be no new Assassin’s Creed. This will make it a relatively quiet year. However, there will still be a lot of DLC for Odyssey and there will be two remasters from Assassin’s Creed III and Liberation. So we have content enough coming year. So rest assured, we certainly do not rest for a year, it will be a little quieter but we will do our best to make Assassin’s Creed content. We are also going to set up a new project, which we are now working on and we have some ideas so we are certainly not standing still.

It only remains for me to wish the following on behalf of the whole team: