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MyCreed World 2017, what a great year!

In 2016 I made some targets and goals for the upcoming year (2017). I always like to push ourselves to the maximum: we manage all the pages/groups and website next to our daily job or schools. So all the free time what we have we try to use some of this time for MyCreed. And I am proud to share that all the goals I set are made, and more!


This year we started with only 3 diehard MyCreed team members. After Mandy left, Ivar and myself where left behind with MyCreed. So we made the best of everything what we had and we did. In a really short period Erin joined the team and she started at the Dutch page and the Cosplay page. After a while she also started to write some blogs. We managed with 3 people for some time and it went well, but we noticed we needed more people to help us. But we couldn’t find the right person(s). During the launch of Assassin’s Creed Origins all our pages exploded, our Dutch page went from 150 followers to more than 1.000 followers in only a month. And the 2 weeks before the launch we gained more than 500 followers! We had so many messages and likes that it was to much!! (in a good way of course). So during the launch more than 10 people wanted to help and join our team.

Our team is now in total managed by 9 people. With Ivar at Global as writer/Facebook manager and designer, Erin at Netherlands/Cosplay as writer and moderator, Boudewijn at Global and Netherlands as Editor in Chief and writer, Melissa at Global as writer and Facebook manager, Wendy at Netherlands as writer and Facebook manager, Martien at MyCreed NL Club as moderator, Thijssen at MyCreed NL/GL Club(s) as moderator and Jesse as MyCreed GL Club moderator. And myself still doing my thing within all the brands

And the chemistry within our team is just as perfect as it is. In a very short time everybody found his way within MyCreed and made the page or group a little bit personal just as how all the different brands has to be. My personal goal was to have a team around 10 members by the end of this year. So all the brand could be covered, and we did!. So I am really proud of ‘my’ team, and that we made some huge steps in a really good direction.


Besides our pages and groups, which I really enjoy, we have a website. The website was always the second thing to do on our list. But this year I wanted that it would be more on the first place. I wanted to have more Assassin’s Creed content, a better homepage, and more own written content. The first step we made was redesigning the Assassin’s Creed part on our website. The Assassin’s Creed game part was not the hardest part, we have had the previous games covered before. We made a page so people can learn more about the game in a short summary. After clicking on Read more, you will learn more about the game. The character part was the most work because we wanted at least the important characters on our website. With a good image and a short profile of this character. From there we rebuild the Movie part and added more information. The full versions of Embers en Lineage are both available in this section. And we dedicated a special page where we have made a small Ubisoft profile page.

After this was done, we changed the homepage more designed for Assassin’s Creed fans. Earlier the page was more about MyCreed and less Assassin’s Creed and we turned this around. More Assassin’s Creed and less MyCreed. But still with MyCreed blogs and such. always in plain side. Visitors who never heard of MyCreed see now more Assassin’s Creed and thinking “great”, more Assassin’s Creed content let’s read something. And it is in the style how we redesign the Assassin’s Creed part on the website.

For us this was fase one, next year we build further on this part, next will be to make the Assassin’s Creed section better and more content. Also the brand homepages need a redesign in the style of the homepage. Also we have more own content (blogs etc.) we need to give this more space and better on the website.

Facebook pages

We started with a small and simple website and some pages on Facebook. Now a days people find faster their way on Facebook than on the internet. There are so many websites and it is hard to get on the first page of Google. On Facebook it doesn’t matter how big your page is, people will find you and faster. So we made some goals for this year. All the pages must reach 1.000 followers or more. Cosplay and Creations needed to merge in one page. And we reached this goals and it was a great feeling. I am really proud to say that MyCreed Nederland, Global and Cosplay & Creations reached more than 1.000 followers. I know we are a small page compared to all the other Assassin’s Creed pages but still we work hard to make the pages all unique. The pages are not a copy & paste from each other. Our Dutch page gained almost 900 followers in one year, again I know we are a small group but still in 2016 this page gained 100 followers in one year, now we reached more than 900! We build a really good and fun community within the Dutch page. Also the Global, Cosplay and Creations pages made a good grow and some good changes!

Facebook Groups

During the launch of Assassin’s Creed Origins we shared a lot of what we think about the games. And of course everybody could react on these messages but it was always that we as MyCreed decided what to share on the page or website. Some of our followers on the Dutch page asked why not a MyCreed group? Well we did, we made three groups and called and named them MyCreed NL Club, MyCreed GL Club and MyCreed Artist Club. The Dutch Club is the most active but the other Clubs are starting to get a small community. Our goal is just like the pages not to become the biggest on Facebook, but to build a small community where we can discuss as much as possible about Assassin’s Creed. We as MyCreed made some ground rules and we are there to share our personal opinion with our personal Facebook account. We are really talking and thinking how we can get these Clubs more like a club and not a simple group on Facebook. We are on the right track, and we have plenty ideas to make these groups into real Clubs!


For next year, our focus will remain on all the brands and platforms what we have build all these years. We don’t know if there comes a new movie or even a game! So we prepare for a year with no new Assassin’s Creed content and we start with our own story within the Assassin’s Creed Universe. This is about us as MyCreed team members playing a part in this great epic story. More details will come soon about this subject. We have some things in store what we want to try but it is to early to talk about this.

I hope for another good year for us as MyCreed team members and of course everybody who supports us.


For us as fans it was a good year with a really good game. And lots to talk and discuss about. For the upcoming weeks we still have so much content to write about, so expect more Assassin’s Creed Origins content from us. This year was really the busiest year for us as MyCreed, with a large open-world game to talk and write about. With more team members than ever before, with more activity on all pages/groups and website. Again I’am really proud of my team and MyCreed in general.

And thank you all for supporting us, and let’s make a really good and respective Assassin’s Creed Community within MyCreed!