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Announcement [Cosplay]: MyCreed Cosplay changes their costume

The past months we worked very hard on our website to make more and better content. We tried some new things on Facebook like sharing daily pictures first without credits, later we ask our followers to help us who is on the picture so we can give the credits, this was really our goal and not to get ‘fast likes’! But people didn’t saw it like this, and our apologies for this.

MyCreed Cosplay has always a huge respect for the people who makes the costumes, makes the pictures, edit the pictures etc. We don’t want to be the page or website where we misuse these great content. And bring all these albums from Facebook to our website so we can give everybody the credits they deserve. We always search all the information we can get and share it as many as we can! We don’t own any pictures or made any pictures. We just sharing the amazing work from the people who made a Assassin`s Creed “based” costume.


Our interviews which we had with around 18 cosplayers are really fun and great to read. Trough these interviews you will know each cosplayer a little bit more. And of course with allot of pictures which you can see in every interview.  All the interviews are of course also here on MyCreed World. You can find them now under: All the interviews under are not online anymore under this domain. Within the upcoming weeks we will share all these interviews again on Monday on our Facebook page. Also the interviewee will get an email with the new link to their interview.

We hope we are taking the good track now, with the profiles and interviews all on the new website under MyCreed World. And of course our Facebook page where we share all the Assassin`s Creed Cosplay(s) related content.

With kind regards,
Michael & Ivar

MyCreed Cosplay

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