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MemberBlog: Firstlook Festival Thoughts

Last weekend Firstlook Festival was once again held in Utrecht the Netherlands. There were booths for all kinds of games. From Nintendo to Uncharted and Tomb Raider. But as you can probably guess for us the Ubisoft stand was the highlight.

Something for everyone

As I mentioned earlier there were a lot of booths. As expected at Nintendo there was everybody’s favorite plumber Mario. Activision brought the big guns with Call of Duty Black Ops 3 and the new DLC for Destiny. Xbox proudly presented us with a chance to play Rise of the Tomb Raider. And Playstation had games like Fifa 16 and Uncharted: the Nathan Drake collection.

On Saturday and Friday evening there were E-sports competitions. Which during the normal hours of Firstlook weren’t host to famous teams. But still had games like Counter Strike Global Offensive being played in the big stage. So if you needed to cool down you could just sit down on the stands for the competition, and enjoy the show. Besides that there were lots of stalls where they sold all kinds of merchandise from T-shirts to coffee mugs. And of course there were also cosplayers to take pictures with.

Last but certainly not least. The crème de la crème the Ubisoft booth. They had a platform with on 1 side stairs and on every other side a different game. On top of the platform Evie and Jacob walked around and posed for pictures. And if you were prepared to risk it you could even take a picture with them. Now and then however the cloak and dagger would make room for Just Dance. Where you could join in and show of your moves. On the left side of the stage you had the possibility to try out Rainbow Six: Siege. Where the never ending battle between the law and crime continued. Behind the platform you had the chance to play The Division. Which seems set to deliver us an awesome coop experience in post disaster New York.

Firstlook 2015

The mistress of shadow: Evie Frye

And now we finally arrived at the reason we are all here. Assassins Creed Syndicate. Which was located on the right side of the platform. As you sat down the Evie demo loaded where you had to infiltrate the Tower of London. personally due to time Constraints. I decided to go with the direct approach. But as you may know from watching the Evie demo yourself there are plenty of other ways to take out your target. The only thing I really noticed that may need a little work are the enemy attack animations. Which can sometimes get stuck. But they don’t happen too often, should be easy to fix. And also resolve themselves, so it probably won’t hinder your enjoyment of the game.


Final thoughts

Overall Firstlook is an amazing place to be as with most game conferences. And Assassins Creed Syndicate looks to become an awesome game.

Peter Willemsen
Manager of MyCreed Global