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Mededeling Q1: Spring update

One of our goals for this year was to redesign our website with the focus on our own content. Last year in 2017 we redesigned the Assassin’s Creed part of our website. This year 2018 our focus was to redesign everything besides the Assassin’s Creed part, and we did. MyCreed world is a Assassin’s Creed Fan Community under the umbrella of the company MyCreed Network. Our focus was always to focus on our brands on the website, and this was a good choice for our social media. For the website it was to much and therefore the focus is now on the content, you still can choose or find easily if you want to read the Dutch or English pieces or both. In this announcement I will write down all the changes we made and which ones are still coming.


Because of the new direction we had to change the homepage a little bit. The branding banners are gone. We switched the Assassin’s Creed buttons from the right to the left. The last two games Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered and Assassin’s Creed Origins banners are changed and added in the game list the Rogue image. And we added the Coming Soon banner for our new project details will follow soon! The homepage is now more in a compact form but still a page where you can see easy and fast the latest content or even click on a game for instance.

Small preview from our new homepage


Our old menu was a great menu for years, but with all the options it was to much options. We redesigned the new menu completely in a new style. With high graphics and again we changed the branding menu to a much simpler setup. We have now the options to learn more about Assassin’s Creed, with also a better sub-menu. With a new menu button Blogs to g directly to our Blog section or a particular section. We did the same with Articles and reviews and of course our company symbol remain but the sub-menu changed completely.

All the main menu buttons will direct you to the main page of this section, from here you can see more detailed information about this section. By pressing in the sub-menu you go directly to that section. With always on the top on the left or right a search option, and our Facebook pages and more. We made the menu in such way that you can visit every page or section in a fast but in a beautiful way.


For us fans we love to share our opinion about Assassin’s Creed. So our Blog section is almost our most important section of the website. We changed the Blog setup from it is written for MyCreed Nederland or Global to who wrote the Blog in the colors of the brands. Now you can see fast and easy who wrote it and if you want read more about him or her you can do this in a easy way. Do you want to read only the Dutch Blogs you can do this as well. We made everything better to read and browse.

The written part of the Blog is also changed with a high res banner on the top, a background for this subject, on the right all the information about the writer. And on the bottom some small details about the writer and last but not least some related blogs or articles. We made this page in such way it is easy to read with still enough images and all our great designs in it.

Articles, Reviews, News and Interviews

Our Blogs are really personal opinions from the editor/writer. In this section we have the articles, reviews and Cosplay Interviews. These items are more informational items instead of personal matters like the Blogs. We didn’t change the format just like the Blogs section we change the look and feel and make it more accessible. We have some work to do within the review and news section, we just started this section so it cost some time. The content in this section is Dutch and English, we are working on this part like the Blogs section that you can see all the content or just Dutch or English.

MyCreed Originals presents: MyCreed The Written Stories

You can find this new section in our main menu and on the homepage. Also you will find from time to time a banner about this section. For now we can only say we are busy working on this part. And we will come with more details very soon. For us this will be our biggest MyCreed project ever!

Company details

Maybe our new followers will not know this but MyCreed is a actual company. We don’t make any money with MyCreed, and we are also not willing to become rich with it. I made it as a company to show everybody our commitment in how far we are willing to go with MyCreed. Yes we do this for our fun and passion for Assassin’s Creed. But we manage everything as a team how you work and operate within a company where you work for living. Because of this our mindset to accomplish things will give us another drive. We feel more responsible to do more for MyCreed. The company section was years old and we redesigned this whole section. Less pages, sharp information and again in the new style.

Our website is now how it should be on the Desktop and this was years or building and redesigning and now this part is over. We have our website how we want it. The new look and feel was in some parts of the website already for months, and now the whole website is in this new ‘Abstergo/MyCreed’ look and feel. Ivar and myself worked on this new style which will be the new standard of our style and this is the best style we ever made. I am really proud of what we made, how we made it and the style is perfect just as our great content on all of the platforms. And the website is finaly a platform for me personal which I can see YES I’m proud of it and the style is done and now we can focus on the content and not content, style, content, style. So a big thanks to the entire team, this was years of work which all come together now!

Now our focus will be to make the website mobile friendly. We have a mobile version but it is not tested well or some pages are not compatible enough. So give us some time to improve this version as well. But the Desktop version will always be our main platform, this is because we can design it for a large screen with all the visuals we are so proud of. The mobile version will be a lighter version of MyCreed World with the focus on our own content and some basic information about Assassin’s Creed.