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Locations of Assassin’s Creed: The City of Alexandria

Assassin’s Creed features thousands of locations over the course of the entire series. For this series of blogs I will write all about the locations featured in all of the instalments of the franchise. Today: Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Alexandria.

City of Wonders

The first major city you encounter in the game is, in my opinion, also the most iconic one. The city of Alexander the Great: Alexandria. A city still standing till this day, during the time of Assassin’s Creed Origins it was a huge metropolis. The placement next to the sea made the city a very important port for the entire country of Egypt.

Alexandria was founded in 331 BCE near a small town next to the Mediterranean sea. Some of the worlds greatest architects quickly established the city which would become known as one of the most famous cities in the world. The most notable were the Serapis Temple (Serapion), which was part of the Library of Alexandria, and the Pharos (the Lighthouse). The latter being one of the seven ancient wonders of the world.

The Library of Alexandria was the first major library in the world and held over 200.000 books. Some estimates even go up as far as 500.000 different books. Each ship which entered the harbor was searched for books and any found book or important document was confiscated. Then the people whom the book belonged were able to get a free copy if requested. It truly was the Wikipedia of it’s time.

The Fall

After the ancient gods (Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman) were outlawed in 347 CE, the city slowly started to decay. Mainly because within the new religion there was only place for the Church and their law. This resulted in the, most likely accidentally (due to neglect), burning of the famous library the world has ever known. After the fire in 415 CE and the outlaw of the ancient gods the city lost most of its iconic locations. Slowly but steadily, just as the rest of the ancient world, Alexandria was forgotten. Hundreds of years of wars between the Christians and Islam resulted in the imminent destruction of the city. In 1323 CE, the entire city was destroyed including the Pharos and the entire port. Alexandria was gone for hundreds years.

In 1810 the Ottoman empire started rebuilding the city and by the 2000’s, it is the second largest city in the country. Over the course of history Alexandria fell and was reborn, sadly most of the locations gone forever, but luckily is the city alive and well.