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Interview with Marie as: Pyode Kantra

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    Name:Β Marie
    Artist name: Pyode Kantra
    Country: France


    Hello everyone πŸ™‚
    I’m Marie, I’m a French woman cosplayer of 27 years old and a big fan of the games Assassin’s Creed πŸ™‚

Assassins Creed Franchise


What interests you about the Assassins Creed franchise?
The fact the games are based on historical things. It’s really interesting and I learned many things with the games πŸ™‚
And of course, I love the concept of the Assassins with their Hidden Blades πŸ™‚ But we need more playable women!

Which Assassins Creed characters do you cosplay?
I cosplayed Ezio from Assassin’s Creed 2 and Mary Read from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag πŸ™‚

Why do/did you cosplay them/him/her?
For Ezio, it’s because he was kinda fun heh. And I wanted to see if I could cosplay a man lol
For Mary Read, well, she is just the most badass pirate woman on Earth! And a badass Assassin too πŸ™‚

What do you think of Assassins Creed Syndicate (game and characters)?
The game looks really nice. As the characters. I already love Evie and her fighting skills πŸ™‚
I already pre-ordered the Big Ben edition lol
Now I just have to buy a PS4 lol



How long have you been a cosplayer?
I have been a cosplayer for 4 years now

Is cosplaying your hobby or profession?
It’s my hobby for now, but it would be awesome if it could be my profession lol

How long does it take you to make your costume?
Well, sometimes I make a costume in one month and sometimes I need several months. It’s just depend on what I have to work hehe

Do you usually achieve the desired outcome for your costume on the first try?
Usually yes, even if I’m perfectionnist lol
But if not, I start again what I failed lol

Do you visit conventions?
Of course! Everytime I can πŸ™‚

Which conventions do you visit?
Well, I’m living in France, so we have the Japan Expo in Paris, Paris Manga, Paris Games Week and the Comic Con πŸ™‚

What are you working on right now?
For now, nothing, but I have in mind to make an OC of mine from Assassin’s Creed 3 for later and to make a Tamassran Qunari Inquisitor for Dragon Age Inquisition for the next year at the Japan Expo in Paris πŸ™‚

Do you cosplay for other things as well?
Well, I have a dark elf costume that is pretty cool. I wear it for the medieval festival of my town and to some others festivals in the others towns too πŸ™‚ I have a Jedi costume for the Comic Con in Paris too. And my female Roublard from Wakfu πŸ™‚
I have some Steampunk clothes too. This style is just awesome πŸ™‚
I made an armor with Worbla too. But it’s a character you don’t know lol.