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Interview with Charlotte as: Cortana Kosplay

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    Name: Charlotte
    Artist name: Cortana Kosplay
    Country: France



    My name is Charlotte alias Kosplay Cortana.
    I am French, I’m 23 years old.
    I’m currently learning to become a tattooist artist.
    I did cosplay since 2009, time passes very quickly.

Assassins Creed Franchise


What interests you about the Assassins Creed franchise?
What interests me about MyCreed Cosplay? Is that you gather lots of cosplayeur that are fan of Assassin’s Creed game and of course also of cosplay.
It’s always interesting to see the work of other cosplayeur.

Which Assassins Creed characters do you cosplay?
My first cosplay Assassin’s Creed universe was The harlequin multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
Now I cosplay Aveline de Grand Pre in Assassin’s Creed III Liberation.

Why do/did you cosplay them/him/her?
I did the cosplay Aveline because I really love his story, the saving made slaves and wanting at all costs to find his mother.
The holding also much my type in the eye. I find it very comprehensive and complex make a real challenge!

What do you think of Assassins Creed Syndicate (game and characters)?
I must say that I did not think much.
I just seen the trailer for launch of the game, I appreciate that history is happening in the air of the industrial revolution. I expected to see the gameplay and innovation they bring, I just hope they will not make us another Assassin’s Creed Unity of beug with hugely ….
The characters have carismatique the air for now we is not much of them.
I can not wait to see it all, I’ve already pre order the collector’s edition.



How long have you been a cosplayer?
I’m doing cosplay since 2009, that is to say for 7 years.

Is cosplaying your hobby or profession?
Cosplay in France is a passion, not a profession whatsoever, although I would love to become his profession.
For me its still a passion.

How long does it take you to make your costume?
It depends on cosplay, but I for my Aveline it fallus a years work.
I have not worked all disappointed of course days but by the time my cosplay is operational it took me a year.

Do you usually achieve the desired outcome for your costume on the first try?
I never managed to get the result I wanted from the very first try. His would be too easy otherwise (laughs)
When I made a part of a cosplay, I still again several times jusuqu’a I is satisfied.

Do you visit conventions?
Yes, I will as often as possible convention.

Which conventions do you visit?
As I live in France, I often go to the Paris Convention, as Paris Comics Expo, Geekopolis ect.
I also go into smaller convention are more convivial and that I find much more fun than the major conventions. Senyu, Digital & Games Show, Generation Sci-Fi ect.

What are you working on right now?
Right now I work on Kitana in Mortal Kombat X, Rogue X-Men Comics release version of Catwoman and Injustice.

Do you cosplay for other things as well?
I practice cosplay for me and also to meet great people.