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Interview with Flavia & Michelle as: Aquilina Cosplay

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    Name: Flavia & Michelle
    Artist name: Aquilina Cosplay
    Country: Switzerland


    We are 2 cosplayer from Switzerland and together we form the team Aquilina Cosplay 🙂

Assassins Creed Franchise


What interests you about the Assassins Creed franchise?
We both love history, gaming and the great characters and stories this franchise has.

Which Assassins Creed characters do you cosplay?
Flavia has cosplayed:
– Faustina Collari (the thief)
– Juno, Brute, Jing Lang (the orchid)
– Charlie Oliver (The Stowaway)
– Innokenti “Kenya” Orelov
– Élise de la Serre
– Evie Frye.

Michelle has cosplayed:
– Fiora Cavazza (the courtisan)
– Sylvia Seabrooke (the Siren)
– Jacob Frye

We love to cosplay Assassins Creed characters, no matter the gender.

Why do/did you cosplay them/him/her?
We cosplay characters that we really love, find interesting and like the design.
Every costume brings a new challenge 🙂

What do you think of Assassins Creed Syndicate (game and characters)?
We LOVE it! Victorian London always was on our wishlist for a setting and the possibility to change the characters is really great. (Although Flavia mostly plays as Evie and Michelle as Jacob as we love that particular character more and get better along with their fighting styles)



How long have you been a cosplayer?
Flavia since 2009 and Michelle since 2008.

Is cosplaying your hobby or profession?
It’s our hobby. We need jobs to pay for our expensive but fun hobby XD

How long does it take you to make your costume?
That really depends on the costume. Usually the basic sewing part is quickly done, but with all the Assassins Creed costumes, it’s the details that are taking the longest. As we both have fulltime jobs, we would say 1-2 months for a costume. As we usually work on different projects at the same time it’s hard to say.

Do you usually achieve the desired outcome for your costume on the first try?
Flavia is the more skilled seamstress of the team, so the outcome of her costumes mostly are as desired on the first try.
Michelle mostly mostly has to change 1-2 detail afterwards for more convenience in the costume.

Do you visit conventions?
Yes and with pleasure 😀
We mostly go to Swiss and German Conventions.

Which conventions do you visit?
Mainly Gamescom (Köln), Animagic (Bonn), Connichi (Kassel) and Fantasy Basel (Basel).
We would love to explore more conventions in France, the UK and the Netherlands.

What are you working on right now?
Flavia is working on Shao Jun and Connor Kenway.
Michelle is working on Aveline de Grandprés and a second Jacob Frye Cosplay.

Do you cosplay for other things as well?
Of course 🙂 as much as we love Assassins Creed, we also like the diversity of cosplaying out of different franchises. (Like Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney, Dreamworks, McGees Alice etc).