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Important figures of Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Hi dear readers of this series! Isn’t it a beautiful day to sit inside and read my blabbering about another topic of history about something that happened in Assassins Creed? Why yes it is! And what is the next topic about you ask? The answer is the people of ACO!

In the game we have a beautiful and muscled Bayek seeking revenge for the loss of his son. He travels all over Egypt to find the people that wronged him and innocent that are being wronged. The synopsis is kind off good. Even though it is a revenge story. But it is so much more than just a revenge story. This is a story about love, heritage, HONOR! And a lot more. I am trying not to spoil a butt-load, but it is necessary to spoil otherwise I can’t talk about everything. But I will only talk about the big lines and people. So let’s start.

We start the game in 48 BCE. During that time, the Pharaoh Ptolemy is at power. His sister, Cleopatra, is trying to take the throne back from him. Bayek is tracking down the people to take his revenge. He travels from Siwa to Alexandria. There he finds his wife Aya, who works together with Apollodorus and Cleopatra. There is a complot to try to kill Cleopatra, and Bayek helps her get in the Palace of Caesar. Cleopatra takes the throne and she and Caesar work with the order (later to be known as the Templars). Bayek regrets his decision and gathers his allies. They enter the tomb of Alexander the Great, and there they find a wounded Apollodorus, who guides them to Caesars advisor, Flavius. Meanwhile Aya has recruited Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger  and Gaius Cassius Longinus. She heads to Rome to kill Caesar and Septimius while Bayek stays in Egypt. The Assassins are born, and the part starts. Aya confronts Septimius and Caesar, and later Cleopatra. That is the story in the shortest version I could without spoiling too much. About the story. The most important people are named here and now we are going to see which part they play in real-life, and who is missing from the game.

Let’s start with the Pharaoh Ptolemy. And Cleopatra.

He was part of the Ptolemy Dynasty who ruled from 305 BC to 30BC, and were the last Dynasty of ancient Egypt. The founder of this dynasty, was one of the seven somato Phylakes (bodyguards) of Alexander the great. The male successors of this dynasty were named Ptolemy, and the female were named Cleopatra, Arsinoe or Berenice. The Ptolemy we are talking about here, is Ptolemy the 13th. He was the last male ruler of Egypt. He was married to his sister Cleopatra the 8th (IEEUUWW). She was the most famous of the line and also the last queen to rule Egypt. She was most known for her role in the political battles between Julius Caesar and Pompey, and later between Octavian and Mark Antony. Ptolemy forced Cleopatra from the throne in 48BC and forced her to flee to Syria. She got troupes of her own and they started a civil war. Meanwhile their sister Arsinoe the 4th ascended the throne. In December of 48 BC there was a battle inside of Alexandria, between Ptolemy with Arsinoe fighting with Cleopatra and Rome. In the end Cleopatra and Caesar won and they forced Ptolemy to flee the city, eventually drowning in the Nile (wink, wink). Meanwhile Cleopatra married Jullius Caesar and they had a child. After Caesar was murdered, she tried to have her son on the throne of Rome, but this fell through. Eventually she committed suicide by poisoning herself. Their stories are a lot more complicated and detailed than I can tell in this piece without it being boring. These are the big lines in their life and they are so intertwined with each other that I cannot separate their stories.The story of Apollodorus, is a short one. He was born in Sicily and was a loyal follower of Cleopatra. The way he is portrayed in the game, is similar to his actual life. He was a smart person and he was the one that got Cleopatra in the Palace to talk to Caesar. The credibility of the story is disputed among scholars, but we believe it.

Lastly is the One! The Only! The most amazing Emperor that has ever lived!! Of course I am talking about Gaius Julius Caesar, or Caesar. He was a Roman politician and general. He played a critical role in the downfall of the Roman Republic, and with that the rise of the Roman Empire.

Caesar is the most known for his accomplishments in the Gallic Wars, where he expanded Roman territory until the Rhine and the English Channel. He is also very known for his involvement with the civil war in Egypt. This last war is where he ties into the Assassins Creed story. Caesar was a well-spoken  man and he achieved many great things in his life. He was murdered on march 44 BC and he was stabbed 23 times. (that is why the salad has to be sliced 23 times, before it can be named a Caesar salad). About 60 men participated in his death, and his last words were supposedly ‘You too, child?’.

In conclusion, the game is very close to the real History, and there are few inaccuracies, but those are the artistic freedoms that is the characters of Aya and Bayek. We will remember ACO as one of the nicest games considering the graphics and the design of the world. There is not enough elements of the previous AC games with free-running and sneaking around, as well as the ISU elements. Overall the game and the history elements in it are really good, and definitely amazing to play.

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of History and rambling that you just read. As always I end the piece with a bit of wisdom from one of the characters in the game. I love this quote and I hope you readers will as well.

“ynam? ‘ana lm anm abda. ‘ana faqat aintazar fi alzilal. wasa’aqtaluk jmyeana. kl min aistanshaq alhawa’ fi dhalik alyawm fi syw!”

“Sleep? I never sleep. I just wait. In the shadows. And I will kill you all. Everyone who sniffed the air that day in Siwa!”