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History According to Assassin’s Creed: The Truth

Hello dear, dear readers of this series! 

Here I am again with a new blog about the History of Assassins Creed. In contrary of what you expect, this is about the events and people in the game and how Ubisoft used History to create this awesome game. So here is practically the start of everything. And no, this is not about the start of the order or whatever is going to happen in Odyssey. No. This is about the start of everything according to a certain religion: The ISU, Adam and Eve, The pieces of Eden and so forth! I try to keep the Spoilers as little as possible, but some are necessary to make sense of this blog. 

Firstly for you new people: In earlier parts of  the game these play a much bigger role than they did in Origins. The ISU are the first civilization and they created the Pieces of Eden. (More on them later). Everything starts with the files that subject 16 left in the Animus. He was the person that Abstergo used before Desmond Miles, to retrieve the pieces of Eden. Subject 16 was left in the Animus for a period that was too long to be healthy. The bleeding effect had a huge impact on him, and he went nuts and killed himself. So Abstergo dumped his body and they ‘found’ Desmond.  

Now that you know or refreshed about The truth, I am going to talk a bit about  the  first civilization, AKA the ISU. The ISU are the first Beings that have been recorded, and they created the first humans to their own likeness. We know of a few of the ISU, Minerva, Jupiter and Juno. These two have the same names as those of the Roman Gods, so it is likely that we saw them as the Gods. They have a triple helix DNA structure, instead of a double helix as humanity. The ISU never created humans with the intention of a smart being, but as mere slaves to serve the ISU.  

One of the things that the ISU created were the pieces of Eden. There are a few pieces that are known and here is a short list to help you remember/cross of your list to collect. 

  • The Apples of Eden: This is also referred to as the orb. These ball-like objects are all over history. Their main powers include mind-control and manipulation of the mind. The orb is what cast out Adam and Eve, helped Moses part and close the Red Sea and a carpenter turned water into wine. Nicola Tesla, Alexander the great, Cesare Borgia and Hitler are only a few that wielded the orb. Within the Assassins Arno Dorian, Bayek, Altaïr and of course Ezio Auditore da Firenze.  
  • The sword of Eden: The power of the  sword grants the bearer charisma and leadership in a defensive strategy. In the offensive way, it grants the echolocation of enemies and it can project energy blasts. Only one weapon is known at this point in time. It is mostly known as the sword of Perseus, a Greek hero who slayed Medusa. Attila the Hun and King Arthur with Excalibur are known to have wield this sword. The sword is in the game mostly known because the Grandmaster used it during his fight with Arno and Elise. 
  • The Staves of Eden: They are mostly used for the opening of temples, mind controlling and invisibility. There are a few staves that are known to this day, and they include the stave of Alexander the Great. One of these staves was also used by Rodrigo Borgia to gain access to the Vatican vault in 1499. Other staves could have been the one possessed by Moses and numerous Pharaoh’s. Did you know that you can use the stave in the end fight in AC2, by knocking it out of Rodrigo’s hands? 
  • Shrouds of Eden: These artifacts are mainly used for healing and regeneration. The most known shroud is the one that Jesus was buried in, that healed him enough to live again. The other shroud is also described as the Golden Fleece, which was recovered by Jason and his crew in Ancient Greek. The multi-colored shroud was t be said that of young Joseph, and it helped King David slay Goliath. The most famous Assassins to have had the shroud, were the Fryes and Henry Green. They recovered it from Starrick and placed it hidden in a crypt in London. 

Now that you know of the basics of things, I am going to talk about Adam and Eve and the first humans. In every religion there is talk about the first humans.  In Ancient Greek, there is the myth about Prometheus and Zeus creating the first Males from clay, which Zeus breathed upon to give them life. The women were then created to distract mankind and reproduce so that the Gods could get worshipped. In Hindu views on the creation of mankind, all of mankind had ‘devolved’ from a high state of consciousness, and because of that we have an endless cycle of rebirth. In Old Norse mythology, mankind comes from an ash tree. The 3 brothers, Vili, Vé and Odin gave them life, movement and intelligence, and our senses. In Christianity is the well-known story of Adam and Eve, the first humans. Here God created the first man, and later from his rib, the first woman. 

There are many different stories and views in the subject of creation, and I think that everyone is free to think what they want. In Assassins Creed, they used a lot of Greek and Roman interpretations of these stories. The ISU and Roman Gods have a lot of similarities so we can assume that this is the religion they went for. I personally think that this is a great starting point for all the directions they can go with it. In Origins they didn’t do a lot with this, but I believe that in AC Odyssey they will bring this back, considering the vast amount of mythology and missions  they can pull out of this. 

The overall use of the ISU and Eden is nicely done and a lot of history is brought in with the pieces of Eden. This part of Assassins Creed, gets a 9/10 from me, but I love the connections and the puzzle elements of subject 16 a lot in the games.  

To conclude this part of history with a matching quote from the Assassin that started our love for this world 11 years ago: 

yjb ‘an yakun alrijal ‘ahraraan fi fiel maa yuminun bih. lays min haqina ‘ana nueaqibahum ealaa altafkir fi ma yafealunah , bghd alnazar ean madaa aikhtilafina 

Men must be free to do what they believe. It is not our right to punish them for thinking what they do, no matter how much we disagree  – Altaïr ibn-La’Ahad