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The Discovery Tour Feature Review

For quit some time we can go into Egypt without any combat and just explore the beauty of it. And even learn some new things. This feature is called The Discovery Tour. Though I went in with some what low expectations, I must say I am impressed. What I thought would be empty and hollow, became fascinating and rich.

It’s not that they did more with the landscapes or something, it is all the historical information they have put into it. And even with voice overs. I did a few tours and have heard now 2 different voices. I found that amazing, you can even read back what they said. Now, I can expect that you all wonder (who haven’t played it) how does this work? Well, you play wit Aya now and you can select a Tour on the map. The choice is yours whether you travel there yourself or if you fast travel. Then there is a route made out for you with check points. On each point there is some information about the topic you have chosen. And the route is made in that specific subject. For example, I have done a tour about the siege of Alexandria (tip! Beautiful tour and a long one too) and I went to the library and the harbour. And it ended with the lighthouse. I learned all about how the siege came to be and which crucial moment there were.

Like I said before, I was most impressed by how Ubisoft used voice actors to do all the mini “documentaries”. You can just lay back and enjoy your historical lesson. If you are done with all the information, you can run through Egypt and just do some climbing and travelling. Beautiful executed! And I love history, and I guess I can speak for all of us that we do. It is now wonder that we love to play Assassin’s Creed in the first place.

And one little side note, with some of the tours they have set some things in scene. Like that tour about the siege of Alexandria again, there was a scene with Cleopatra and Ceasar animated by Ubisoft. And a scene of with Achilles. Made the tour much more alive.

Some of the tours are not only about historical facts, but give you a look behind the scenes as well. Like one about the Pyramids, were Ubisoft used the theories of Jean-Pierre. Then you take a walk in the pyramid and they tell all about how they have used that information to give form to the pyramid. Makes you love the team more and more.

So that’s pretty much it about The Discovery Tour. There is not much more to say. You can take tour and learn all about Egypt (by the way there are a lot of tours) or just travel the landscapes. Without all the violence.