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Announcement [Creations]: Create, Collect and share!

At February the 1th we launched MyCreed Creations, but it was a little bit a bumpy ride the page and website where online for some days. At February the 9th we closed the website and Facebook page. We didn’t had the right feeling with the brand and theme. So we kept it offline and rethink the whole process and came up with the new idea and of course under the new flag of MyCreed world!

The idea of Creations is still the same as the beginning, like Cosplay we focus on one theme namely the Creative part of Assassin`s Creed. There are so many talented artists who made their own figurines or recreate and even draw of paint great drawings or paintings. Within Creations we share the work of these artists with their own albums, information and all the credits they deserve.


One huge different between then and now is that we made some friends during the last months / week with some artists. There are many creative people who are building, rebuilding etc. And this was the missing link on MyCreed. We have Dutch, English content, beautiful cosplayers but where are the collectables? Where are the artists who made or rebuild or even paint / draw great Assassin`s Creed things? And why not become friends? Well this is what we are doing right now. With Francis aka Joker Laugh we started the first friendship. We share his great work and we gave him his own personal page on MyCreed World. Which you can find here and later on we will meet him more by a interview.

Beside the artists we also share all the official creations from Ubisoft / UBI Workshop. So we will add all the great things from Ubisoft themselves. Or even the official license-holders. We start from scratch so we will continue to build our database and fill this with all the great things which have been made by independent artists, license-holders or from Ubisoft themselves.

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MyCreed Creations

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