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Boudewijn about Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

We saw Beyond Good and Evil 2 (highly anticipated), an intro of the show of Just Dance 2019, The Division 2 and many more. But what we’ve all been waiting for was the new Assassins Creed, titled Odyssey. We already knew that it would be in Greece, but do we know more? Graphicly, story wise and what else? Here is a recap. 


In the trailer, they have shown us, it looks beautiful. Great locations and battles. Later we saw an in game graphic trailer and it shows the same as Origins, if not better. That should be too, because Origins was made a little before the 4k generation, now they can immediately render 4k graphics. In looks of the game, it mostly looks and feels like Origins. Same interface and HUD, horseback riding and enemy alerts. Even a Senu lookalike eagle is back. Just a little better in my opinion.


Instead of one story, now you get two. But not quite two. It will work as a RPG, which will mean you can go a little your own path. I don’t think your choices will really affect the game, it mostly will give you a feel that you can act as your own. The story will play in a civil war of Greece. Details are not really been given, only that both characters are demi gods and have to side in one of the armies.


It is Origins, but improved. That’s how I will call it. You have multiple weapons at your disposal and skills to unlock. But everything you are familiar with right now is there now too. What I did saw was active abilities you have to assign to a button. But besides that most is how it was.

From Origins

In conclusion it was Origins again but in Greece. Though it gave a little feel of low fantasy in the game. They are going to bring Greek Mythology to the game. Story wise this will detour the Assassin’s Creed franchise into fantasy, not historical. Greek mythology used fictive characters in historical events. Like Troy, were Achilles was described as a demigod and Ajax. I am curious about how the stoy will evolve and bring a contribution to the story of the original Assassin’s Creed. Game wise and graphical I think it will do good. But we have to wait until it’s release: 6 October of 2018.