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[Blog] MyCreed World a great year!

With 2016 almost behind us and 2017 in front of us I will take a short stop to talk about this past year. Our ambition was always to have several brands which represent several themes or languages etc. Every brand had their own website and Facebook page. This year we decided to combine all the websites in one power full new website which we called MyCreed World.


We changed all the websites into one website and a new company name. All the websites we had Nederland, Global, Cosplay, Creations and Network was too hard to maintain with a small team like us. After months brainstorming and thinking we made MyCreed World in one month! All the content from all the old websites was moved over to World. After shifting all the content we wanted to hold on to our own concept. In the menu you still see all the brands where you can click on and see all the different pages and messages. With this new plan we also changed our company name from MyCreed Network into MyCreed World. In 2017 the name World will be the main focus and main company name.

Nederland, Global, Cosplay, Creations and Network are in fact a website within a website. When you are in a curtain brand you will only see the content from this brand. The basics are there, the website is up and running. We have two versions, the desktop and the mobile version. The desktop version will always give the full MyCreed experience. The mobile version need more time in development, the basics are there but it need more work. We will continue working on both versions. This because the desktop version is in the basics not mobile friendly. So next year the website will get more content and more Assassin’s Creed backstories. The focus for the mobile version will be reading fast all the content what we provide.

In short the website is there we did our best to make from five websites one website. We did keep all the brands with their content how it was and improve it. Next year there will be more content, blogs, articles etc. At last, MyCreed World is growing the website has more visitors than all the old websites combined, therefore our thanks!

MyCreed World Website


Our main work space is Facebook, this is our direct link to our followers, who share the same passion as we do. After we decided to make one website we kept all the Facebook pages as they were. Why?! Because we know some followers are following only one brand for that specific theme or topic. If people are interest in all the things we share they are free to follow all the pages. We as a team try to schedule all the messages within a good time frame so you don’t get to much messages at once.

Next year we will continue with our schedule and we will give more attention to Cosplay and Creations. We are with a small team so we do our best! These two brands need a different kind of content like interviews on Cosplay etc. Our two main pages Nederland (The Netherlands) and Global is where we had to put our main focus.These pages needed all the attention we could possible give. Our Dutch page ‘Nederland’ was a page which would’t came out of the dark. With almost no followers, no reactions we tried almost everything. After a small Facebook advertisement campaign and with some great actions with Ubisoft NL the page saw the light! With a 50 follower base months ago and with almost 500 followers today. More reactions and interactions this brand is finally working as it should be. The same goes for Global this page was manages by different people, and after they left we had to start a little bit over. Now months later, we also have the right feeling and direction with this brand which suppressed the 1.000 followers. And again more interactions and reactions on this page.

Cosplay and Creations are a little bit more difficult to maintain. The main reason is that Facebook don’t allow or have the option to schedule albums. We always schedule the messages / post a days before they come online. This makes it easier for us to do this in the weekend so we don’t forget the daily posts or when we have a busy week we don’t have to think “O today we need this to post“. Cosplay and Creations need the albums with the detailed information. And we cannot schedule this so we need to do this by hand on daily basis on time. And this is exactly where we get the problem we do not have the time for this. So we are rethinking how to maintain these to brands in the next year! We will not let these brands fall or give them up, we just need the time to plan etc.

In general all the pages grew, and become much more alive!
MyCreed Pages at Facebook

Assassin’s Creed

This year we missed a new Assassin’s Creed game. Instead Ubisoft decided to bring the Ezio story back to us. And WOW how they did it was I think the best thing they could do with The Ezio Collection. We get ONE disc with: Lineage, Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, Revelations and Embers. The full lifeline of Ezio, in a brand new HD experience, for me the best remaster I ever played. And I was a little bit skeptic to play this again. I mean I had some warm and good feelings to this story and I did’t want to take the risk to spoil this. But I’am glad that I relived the story again. Still busy with Brotherhood but Ubisoft did a good job, it looks really good and it felt good to see Ezio again.

And finally the movie is here. After years waiting, years of rumors the movie is a fact! One problem, this movie will hit the theaters in our country (The Netherlands) at januari the 5th. Because of work I can see the movie at januari the 7th. This was also a small problem we wanted to give the movie more space on Global which is our worldwide brand BUT we can’t see the movie so how can we talk or wright about it?! This is why we where a little bit silent about it on our pages. We shared what we could but not share our opinion or give a reaction or … We will get back on the movie for sure in 2017!

I also hope we get in 2017 a remaster of the first Assassin’s Creed mainly because it is the 10th anniversary of the franchise. And also because I think Ubisoft need to take the time before Assassin’s Creed comes back to us. Let them focus on a good and maybe a more open-world game like The Witcher but then in Assassin’s Creed style and setting. So please Ubisoft bring all the good things back to the series, like what you give us in The Ezio Collection.

Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection

MyCreed 2017

We build the basics in 2015, we recreated MyCreed in 2016 and now in 2017 we are done rebuilding. Our plan is simple, make all the pages better and stronger. More content on the website, more blogs, articles, Assassin’s Creed info etc. We started with almost no partners in 2016 and now we have partnerships with: Ubisoft, Game Mania,, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, SoHosted, 2e Kans Games en We also had some successful give-away on the Dutch page. This is something we hope to continue in The Netherlands and we are working hard to do this also outside our own country.

Before I close this blog I want to thank all of you our followers who share the same passion as we do for Assassin’s Creed. Our partners who made some great things possible for us. And of course the MyCreed Family, Mandy, Ivar and Wilbert!

Thanks for all the support, reactions and more!
See you next year!