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  • Release date(s): November 11, 2014
    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
    Publisher(s): Ubisoft
    Engine: AnvilNext

You are now playing in a device called the “Helix”, a new entertainment device created by Abstergo to play games based upon memories they selected. Playing as Jacques de Molay, Grandmaster of the Templars back in 1307, you have to fight your way through Tour du Temple. After finishing the missions, a cutscene plays in which de Molay is burned at the stake. However, the Assassin’s Hijack the game and beg you to join their cause.
After agreeing to help them, the game shows us Versailles in 1776, just in time to see the death of Arno Dorians father: Charles Dorian, by Shay Cormac. Arno is adopted by the Grandmaster of the Templars: Mr de la Serre, as Arno is in love with his daughter: Élise. Quick forward to 1789, Mr. de la Serre is assassinated and Arno is blamed for his death.

After being thrown in the Bastille in Paris, Arno escapes together with Pierre Bellec, an Assassin. Élise turns out to be a Templar and is angry with Arno, as he could have prevented her father’s death. After joining the Assassins it becomes clear that De la Serre and Mirabeau (Master Assassin) tried to create ever lasting peace between their orders. The Templars killed De la Serre for treason.

Doing his own work and investigations, instead of the assignments of the Assassins, the Brotherhood is starting to question Arno’s loyalty to the Assassin Brotherhood. After convincing both Maribeau and Élise, they try to create peace once again. But both orders betray them. Maribeau is assassinated by Bellec, and Élise and Arno just escape in time from both the Assassins as the Templars. Germain becomes the new Templar Grandmaster and Arno kills Bellec. Arno then confesses his love for Élise and she confesses her love for him too.

After confronting Germain, a long battle emerges. In an unfortunate event, Élise is killed. In anger Arno kills Germain and then weeps while holding Élise in his hands. Arno eventually becomes a Master Assassin and watches over Paris, but deeply grieves about the death of his one true love.

Unity introduces a new combat and parkour control system, which makes the game more challenging, but also gives the player better control over the playable character. While the combat at first may seem more challenging, after mastering the controls and timing, you will become better than ever before. Also the customization of armor pieces and dye is introduced. Doing missions and playing the game both solo as coop is a must in order to complete all armorsets.

New in the series is the coop missions, in which players have to assassinate, steal or sabotage Templar priorities. Also Heists are introduced, in which players can steal huge sums of currency.