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  • Release date(s): October 23, 2015
    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer(s): Ubisoft Quebec
    Publisher(s) Ubisoft
    Engine: AnvilNext

London, 1868, the end of the era of the Industrial Revolution. The Assassin Brotherhood is on its peak in the Brittish Empire. Evie Frye and Jacob Frye, twins born in the Assassin Brotherhood, leave Crawley and depart for London.

London is mostly ruled by the Templar Order, and the current Monarch and Church lose their power. Crawford Starrick is the Grandmaster in London, and rules with iron fist, killing both Templars who failed their assignments, as innocents, including children, just to gain more power.

Henry Green, birthname: Jayadeep Mir, was the Assassin leader in London and aided Evie and Jacob where ever possible. While Evie followed the Creed and worked from the shadows, Jacob loved the attention and started his own streetgang, in order to rival the Templars’. Evie and Henry slowly fall in love, while Jacob is just doing how he pleases. While both fighting and working entirely different, they never forgot their cause: free London from Templar rule.

Working together with Charles Dickens and Darwin, the Frye twins succeed to stop the assassination of Queen Victoria and kill or persuade all the Templar leaders. Close to Buckingham Palace, Starrick went mad with power and clothes himself with the Resurrection cloak. After both the Frye’s fight him alone, they discover that working together is the only way to stop him. In their last power, Jacob and Evie inflict devastating damage to Starrick, stabbing and slicing him so many times that even the cloak can’t heal his wounds. Killing Starrick concludes their quest to liberate London from Templar rule.