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  • Release date(s): December 2, 2011
    Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC
  • Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
    Additional work by:
    Ubisoft Annecy
    Ubisoft Massive
    Ubisoft Quebec
    Ubisoft Singapore
    Ubisoft Romania
    Ubisoft Kyiv (PC)
    Publisher(s): Ubisoft
    Engine: Anvil

Desmond regains consciousness in a virtual environment within the Animus, the Animus Island, where he meets the digital personality of subject 16. Subject number 16 explains that to complete the memories of both Altaïr and Ezio is the only way to be able to separate his mind from theirs and to get out of his. However, if he does so, the island will destabilize the Animus as it recovers memory segments. At a given moment, test subject 16 sacrifices himself in order that Desmond can continue. Ezio’s story continues years after the events of Brotherhood. Ezio is curious about the origin of the Assassins and travels to Masyaf to seek their original headquarters.

He tries to access Altaïr’s library, but the library locked by five keys. The Knights Templars are also looking for those keys because they believe there lies a great power in the library. Ezio travels to Constantinople, where the keys were hidden by explorer Niccolò Polo. He discovers that the city is divided by the brothers Selim and Ahmet, both vying for the sultanate. The Knights Templars were involved in this fight in secret. While Ezio is searching for the keys, he meets Sofia Sartor, with whom he soon falls in love. He eventually discovers that Ahmet acts as an intermediary between the Templars and he was slain by Selim. He thanked Ezio for his help, but banishes him for his own good in the city.

Ezio uses the keys to witness Altaïr’s memories after the death of Al Mualim. In these memories it can be seen that Altaïr lost his wife and youngest son in a coup within the Assassins, followed by a twenty-year self-imposed exile. Eventually, Altaïr returns to Masyaf, killed the usurper, and recaptures its power. When death approaches, Altaïr writes the keys with his memories and gives them to his friend Niccolo to hide them in a secluded location, after which he disappears forever in his library.

Back in Ezio’s timeline he and Sofia to Masyaf to open the library. He takes Altaïr’s body and the part of the Eden that he owned. Ezio leaves both parts of Eden as his arms behind and then speaks directly to Desmond, knowing that he is only an intermediary, and hopes that Desmond will find the answers he needs. Desmond is then again approached by a holographic figure, this time Jupiter. Jupiter explains that their society had tried to use technology to stop the destruction of the earth’s surface by a massive solar flare, but this was proved in vain. They did, however, saved their knowledge in various dungeons that were linked to a central prison. Desmond must use this dungeon to stop the next massive solar flare. Desmond discovers that the prison is in New England. He awakens from his coma and sees Rebecca, Shaun and, to his surprise, his father William. After hearing that Lucy’s died because of her injuries, Desmond tells his allies about the temple in New York that will save humanity.

Revelations includes many new systems, including additional weapons. Making bombs is also new. The player can use explosive bombs, distraction bombs and make tactical bombs through the use of materials which are to be found in the world. As the player progresses in the game, Ezio can train new recruits to defend shelters. In addition, the hook knife is introduced. The hook knife can be used during free-running and fighting. The multiplayer mode returns in Revelations, this time with more characters, modes and maps.