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  • Release date(s): October 29, 2013
    Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One
  • Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
    Publisher(s): Ubisoft
    Engine: AnvilNext

Black Flag starts when Edward Kenway’s ship is attacked by the Rogue Assassin Duncan Walpole. After stranding on an island and killing Duncan, Edward impersonates Duncan in hopes to reap in the reward for betraying the Assassins. In Havana Edwards is eventually imprisoned by the Templar Order after the game introduces the player to “The Sage”.

Together with Adewale and a small crew, Edward steals a ship called “The Jackdaw”. In Nassau, Edward meets his fellow pirate captains Blackbeard, Ben Hornigold and James Kidd. Edward then steals a Man o’ War, kills a Templar, and travels to the home of the Assassins in the Americas. Edward has a debt to pay, as he sold an important map from the Assassins to the Templar Order. Edward and James Kidd then prepare to rescue the Sage in Kingston, but then it is revealed that James Kidd is actually a woman called Mary Read. The attempt to rescue the Sage fails miserably.

Nassau is then under control of the British Crown. After Woods Rogers attempts to persuade the pirates to leave their “work”, most pirates join the side of the British. Edward then works together with Charles Vane to defeat the blockade of the British. Blackbeard retires to Caroline, but is soon murdered by the British Crown.

After Blackbeards death, Edward and Charles Vane are trying to capture the Sage, called Bartholomew Roberts, but fail due to Calico Jack Rackham. After being captured and marooned on an island, Vane goes insane and tries to kill Edward Kenway. Edward wins and leaves Vane for dead. Back in Kingston, Ben Hornigold has joined the British Templars who offered the pardon in Nassau.

Edward then heads to Principe in Africa to assassinate two insignificant Templars where he also conveniently meets Bartholomew Roberts, the Sage, whereupon he reveals his historical identity as Black Bart. Together they start a search to find the Observatory. Edward emontionally kills Hornigold after a naval battle. Roberts then unlocks the observatory. Roberts then betrays Edward and he is arrested and thrown in a Jamaican Prison.

After Ah Tabai, Assassin Head-Honcho, frees Edward, he goes to save Mary Read and Anne Bonny who were also imprisoned for being Pirates, but who were each temporarily spared their executions because they were pregnant. During the escape, Mary dies of sickness and Edward is grieving deeply. After escaping, Edward decides that he needs to kill Roberts.

Adewale, who has been Edward’s quartermaster up until this point, directs Edward towards the Assassin Headquarters. After a short mission where by Ah Tabai teaches Edward, he is accepted as an Assassin into the Creed. Anne Bonny becomes Edward’s quartermaster, Edward realizes all of his friends are dead, and Edward sends his wife Caroline a letter apologizing for the fact that he’s been gone for 6 years. Edward then uses the power of the Observatory to track and kill Governer Woods Rogers, Bartholomew Roberts, El Tiburon and Torres. Literally minutes after killing Torres, Edward is handed a letter saying that Caroline has died. He travels back to England and settles there with his children. He is eventually murdered by Templars, trying to safe his children.

This Assassin’s Creed game is a lot different than the previous installments. While it is more of a pirate game than an Assassin’s Creed game, it is one of the highest rated installments of the entire franchise. About 40% of the game is taking part on sea, with huge naval battles, capturing ships and creating your own fleet and town.