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  • Release date(s): November 23, 2012
    Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC & Wii U
  • Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
    Additional work by:
    Ubisoft Quebec (Wii U)
    Ubisoft Kiev (Windows)
    Ubisoft Romania (Windows)
    Ubisoft Annecy (multiplayer)
    Ubisoft Singapore (naval gameplay)
    Publisher(s) Ubisoft
    Engine: AnvilNext

Assassin’s Creed III takes us back to a different era, the era of the American Revolutionary War. The Assassins in the Americas are almost entirely obliterated. A young native called Ratonhnhaké ton is forced to flee when Templars burn his village. He is then helped by an old assassin called Achilles. As natives aren’t loved by the European colonists, Achilles changes Ratonhnhaké ton his name to Connor, which was also the name of his late son.

Raised with hatred for the Templars, fired with the destruction of his tribe, Connor aides George Washington in defeating the British Empire. But he finds both enemies as allies in both camps. The game shows us the grey area between both Brotherhoods. The Assassins aren’t necessary good, and the Templars aren’t per se evil either. Connor follows his own moral code, which brings problems to both Assassins as Templars.

In our time, Desmond and the Assassins fight Abstergo in order to obtain a piece of Eden. If they won’t succeed December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world, which the Templars were not aware of. In the final end, Desmond is killed by Juno, but his sacrifice saves the earth from total annihilation. The Templars never meant to destroy the earth by the way, the Satellite they wanted to launch was designed to save the earth, but by doing so creating a new world order.

New in the game were the use of nature and hunting. Animals could be hunted in the Frontier, which was a huge part of the game. Mountains, rivers and wild forests gave the game an entirely new setting for players to play in. For a first in the series, sailing was introduced. Battles on sea and boarding ships was a fun and exciting new feature. Due to its popularity, Black Flag was created. Back from the previous games was the money system. Now the player could do missions and bring people to his homestead. By helping the inhabitants, the homestead grows into a town, with a port and multiple shops. One thing the American Revolutionary War was famous for, were its modern battles. Huge armies fought on plains and in forests. At certain points in the game, the player is put right in the middle of these battles.