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  • Release date(s): November 19, 2010
    Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC & Mac OS
  • Developer(s): Ubisoft Montreal
    Publisher(s): Ubisoft
    Engine: Anvil, Havok

Desmond and his allies withdraw in the ruins of the villa in Monteriggioni. Desmond lies back in the Animus to proceed with Ezio’s memories, mainly to try to discorver the location of the apple. After Ezio has faced Rodrigo Borgia, he returns to Monteriggioni, but the villa is soon attacked by troops of Cesare Borgia, son of Rodrigo. Mario is slain and the apple is stolen. Ezio takes revenge by helping to liberate the people of Rome of the Borgia family. Ezio then starts his own Brotherhood, in which he trains helpful citizens and thieves to become Assassins.

When Ezio plans to murder Cesare and Rodrigo in the Castel Sant’Angelo, he witnesses Cesare forcing his father to eat a poisoned apple, which Rodrigo had prepared in order to kill his son. Ezio then chases Cesare and he finally manages to overpower him and the Apple is then back in his possession. Cesare is brought to a prison in Viana, but knows to escape with the help of his allies. The Assassins take on Cesare Borgia and the remaining troops. Eventually Ezio throws Cesare from the castle walls, which results in Cesare’s death. Without visible further threats, Ezio hides the apple under the Coliseum.

Back in the future, Desmond is able to work his way through the underground spaces beneath the Colosseum, to find the apple. When Desmond touches the Apple, he sees another hologram figure who calls herself Juno. Juno forces Desmond to stab Lucy and Desmond ends up in a coma.

Brotherhood has many similarities with Assassin’s Creed II. Brotherhood is set mostly in Rome. Similar to the villa in Assassin’s Creed II, the player is able to buy and upgrade shops and other facilities in the city. The player, however, will first have to burn down the towers of Borgia (which control different parts of the city). After the player has saved citizens for certain events, he or she may invite the citizens to join the Assassins. They can be sent to specific locations throughout Europe to gain experience and earn money. They can be called upon to assist the player in a mission. For the first time in the series, the game contains online multiplayer. Players play as employees of Abstergo, who are using the Animus in different game modes in the genetic memories of Templars thriving in the Renaissance.