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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: News updates

With all the news form Ubisoft and other sources we dedicated this single post/page whit all the latest news and updates about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Every update will be written here with the link to the source as well. After that we share this page again on our pages with the new headlines.

News updates #5

News about #AssassinsCreedOdyssey coming from Game Informer, Gameblog and Ego Product:

  1. There will be a quest board on the Adrestia (ship) where the players can get more “pirate-like missions”;
  2. According to Senior Producer Marc-Alexis Côté, the Conquest Battles have the best loot rewards in the game;
  3. The game will offer the player to have multiple save files;
  4. If players sink an enemy ship, they can dive underwater afterwards to get its treasure chest;
  5. The E3 Demo featured a helmet that allowed to breathe underwater permanently;
  6. The progression in the game will spawn 50 levels.

Source: Acces the Animus
Updated: June 25th


News updates #4

#AssassinsCreedOdyssey AMA on Reddit with Creative Director Jonathan Dumont:

  1. “[…] From a lore perspective, we wanted to tell the story of how First Civ artifacts created what would become the Templars vs Assassins story…”;
  2. Dumont confirmed that there will be the continuation of the Modern Day story from ACOrigins and that it “[…] is not optional, everyone will experience modern day in their playthroughs and because of the narrative choices players can make in the game, there will be opportunities to experience more present day for players who want to.”;
  3. The Game will feature other pieces of Eden apart from the Leonidas spear;
  4. There will be references in the game about the previous Assassin’s Creed games;
  5. Dumont in addition expanded about the canon character of the story: “[…] there will be a canon represented in the novel. It features Kassandra and her journey. But in the game you decide your path , there is no right or wrong way.”.

Source: Acces the Animus
Updated: June 25th

News updates #3

Ubisoft Hired Greek Actors for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

“What we tried to do was look for actors who are Greek or have Greek ancestry,” she said. “We really felt like it was a nice opportunity for us to have a deep dive into the culture of Greece and obviously Ancient Greece. You can have a great actor who’s great at accents, and that’s fantastic, but you can also find great Greek actors and work with them too.”

Updated: June 25th

News updates #2

  1. According to Senior Producer Marc-Alexis Côté Odyssey is “the second step” in the transformation of Assassin’s Creed into a full blown RPG;
  2. In the E3 demo a specific narrative path could lead the player to fight and kill Thaletas;
  3. To give some background as to why the choice of Kassandra or Alexios fits with the concept of genetic memories, Creative Director Jonathan Dumont stated: “The DNA is old and imprecise, so it offers you the choice to pursue two characters”. He also added that there’s also some fuzziness in the historical record because “[Alexios and Kassandra] come from a lost book of Herodotus – the first historian – who wrote about a hero that could be one of these two characters”;
  4. In the game players will “build friendships over time”;
  5. The game will have volumetric foam in the sea areas and on the shores;
  6. In the game players can outright refuse some quests, which may lead to new ones afterwards;
  7. The mercenaries in the game will behave like the Phylakes in #AssassinsCreedOrigins in that their movements are visible on the map and compass, and a warning horn sounds when they’re near;
  8. Knowing that mercenaries are coming for him/her and knowing their abilities and if they are going to have a pet with them, players will be able to “set up an ambush” for them by playing stealthy;
  9. If players can take the mercenaries by surprise and knock them out instead of killing them, they can recruit them as a lieutenant on their ship. Other people can be recruited after being met during quests;
  10. According to the source, the map of the game measures approximately 1.6 times the area of Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Egypt, but about half of that is aquatic;
  11. Sinking an enemy ship will trigger a “full-on, surface-breaching feeding frenzy” by the sharks that are attracted to the area;
  12. According to the source players can dive underwater at any time, as long as they are not in the middle of naval combat. That means player will be able to do it not only close to the shores but also in the open ocean. If they do that, however, visibility will be limited and the water goes much deeper. The main character will have the lung capacity to touch bottom and the strength to fight “whatever may slither out of the gloom down there” but it will be a very risky task unless players are after something specific.

Source: Acces The Animus
Updated: June 18th

News updates #1

  1. According to Creative Director Jonathan Dumont, in the Modern Day part of AssassinsCreedOdyssey Layla’s quest to find First Civ artifacts and First Civilization information leads her to discover a lost book, the lost book of Herodotus, the first historian. And that book refers to a Spartan mercenary that would have been in contact with First Civilization artifacts and that he / she might have even wielded one;
  2. There’s a narrative explanation for the option to choose your character. In Odyssey, Dumont said, there are “two possible matches for DNA” for the person whose life Layla is trying to experience, which is the explanation for why players can choose who they control;
  3. According to Narrative Director Mel MacCoubrey the Present Day part of the game will be largely optional for the people who aren’t into it;
  4. Chunks of the game are considered by the developers to be “regional content” that functions outside of the main story and presents contained narratives and adventures for players to experience;
  5. One of the game producers mentioned to the source that the area of Odyssey’s E3 demo is roughly equivalent to that of the entire playable area of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood;
  6. There will be a ranged ability that will allow to fire multiple arrows at once, like the warrior bows in Origins;
  7. Dumont mentioned that the team tweaked the experience points payout for stealthy play in Odyssey, giving players more for stealth kills, on the assumption that the time spent to get one stealth kill might be the same as running in and loudly chopping through a few enemies;
  8. The map in Odyssey will be divided in 27 states, each with their own leader;
  9. In the map a purple meter on the right will show the power of the region’s leader;
  10. Dumont mentioned that players who enter the conqquest battles with a bounty on their head will see mercenaries on the other side. He also warned of the appearance of formidable foes in such battles, such as “Achilles”;
  11. Dialogue can be “malleable” to suit the action. According to one of the developers during one exchange in the E3 demo, Socrates commented on a guard the player hd killed during the mission and he wouldn’t have said that if he hadn’t killed anyone.

Source:Acces The Animus & Kotaku
Updated: June 13th

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