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Assassin’s Creed, movie trailer (reactions)

Ubisoft took a leap of faith with this project, because we all know movies based on games are not always good friends. Assassin’s Creed already took some damage with Unity and Syndicate. Also the games will not game every year but once in the two years. And now the are making a Assassin’s Creed movie!!! Well here it is, here is the official trailer from the movie Assassin’s Creed. With our first impressions after the trailer.


The trailer of the movie certainly attracts my attention. However I disliked the choice music for the trailer. I hope they have different people for the actual music in the movie.

The fight scenes and special effect seem great and seem really real. Certainly got me hyped up for the movie. The fact that the main character is death by records but still alive seems a great start of a story.


There it is!!!! And it looks good! Not perfect but it looks good. How the camera is moving, how the assassins move etc. I think the will nail this movie in a good way. But there are some things which I think why?! The music could be better chosen. Whats happend to the Animus? And at the end when Callum Lynch is taking the leap of faith, where is the eagle? Where is te scream of the eagle … 

Well these are our first opinions about this trailer, later we will come with more detailed opinions about this first trailer!