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Announcement [World]: Website mobile friendly v1.0

As of today, we have optimized our website for our mobile users. We launched MyCreed World and put all the focus on the desktop version which is now stable and up and running. But we were working on the mobile version as well. We don`t have a different web link or page. How to access the mobile version and how it will work? You can read about it in the announcement.

When we launched our new website we knew that the mobile version was not functional. The menu didn’t work, the content / pages weren’t displayed in a proper way. Our focus was to first launch the desktop version of our website. And also maintain this version, make this one better etc. The desktop version already underwent some small changes but we’ll talk more on this later, in the next update.

But this problem is over, when you visit this website you will see the mobile version directly. And fully compatible with all the mobile phones (iOS, Android and Windows). You don’t have to install an app just visit and you’re ready. This is our first version (v1.0) so we have to shape this version a little bit better. Also all the pages which are on the desktop version are still in the old style. The upcoming weeks all the pages will change so you can visit them in a proper way on your mobile.

Also the menu structure will soon be changed into a better one. We still have some things to do and to improve but we think by the end of this year the mobile version will hit the v1.5 version. All the pages will be mobile friendly and more features will come next year. So leave us a message in the comments below or on Facebook, and tell us what you think! This way,we can improve the mobile version of MyCreed World!