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Announcement [World]: New partnerships with different AC communities

When we launched MyCreed World we were supported by many Facebook pages and partners to spread the word. And we are still very thankful for that. We still work with all these partners in the background and foreground. After today we proudly announce that we’ll take one of these partnerships to another level. With: Assassins VS Templars, Hidden Assassins, Legendary Assassins and Secret Assassins we combine our power

They’ve helped us promoting MyCreed World and therefore we also helped them in our way. We created a new style for them which they now use with a MyCreed World stamp in the corner to show our friendship. Our goal with MyCreed and the Brotherhood project is to bring other Assassin’s Creed pages / communities more together. Our first step in this new partnership is to help them with a new style and presentation. All the pages have a different goal, but it is managed by Sophie as one of the admins and a good team from all over the world. So take a look at their brand new style and take a look at all the pages and groups in the bottom of this announcement.

Logo presentation

Facebook cover presentation

This and next year we will combine our pages and communities more by sharing more news. pictures, video`s and more! Be sure to follow our MyCreed pages on Facebook for the latest news and more,  and our friend’s pages:


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