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Announcement Q2: Summer update

Summer or not, we keep building on MyCreed. Though Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is in our sight, there were still some thing we wanted to be handled internally. The month towards the release and the latest days/weeks were always busy times for us. Keeping ourselves updated on the news, review updates, playing the games and then writing about it. That’s why we discussed everything, so we can work easily towards it. In this announcement I will explain all the changes we have made.

MyCreed Global Friday Stream

Streaming has always been something what we wanted to do, though we were all so overwhelmed with other responsibilities that we couldn’t find any time. But now that has changed! Our editor in chief has started streaming Assassin’s Creed from 2007 since a week or two. This is on a permanent day and time: Every friday on 20:00 CEST. We have explicitly chosen to do this on Facebook and not Twitch, because this were our target audience and followers are and have to best interaction with.

We work hard on this whole event. Streaming is new for us en we want to execute it as best as possible and take every feedback very seriously. The stream is not only that we are just playing Assassin’s Creed, the interaction with you is the goal we are going for. So questions and comments or anything is more then welcome during the streams.

On this moment we only stream on MyCreed Global, so in English. Before we take this to MyCreed Netherlands we want to optimize it on Global. During this time you can follow the page and streams there. Did you miss an episode? No worries we will post every episode on our website. We will share a link on all our pages.
Watch the streams back at:

MyCreed Rebranding

When we started MyCreed we have seen many brands come and go. However, since World was created we have been more clear on that. World is our website were all the brands come together; Network is and stays our businessname, but we communicate through World, Netherlands, Global and Creative. We had merged Cosplay and Creations once before, but it kept getting seperated. From today on will Cosplay and Creation be Creative, which will need a new logo and color. Here you will find everything about Assassin’s Creed what has no direct relation with the game itself. It is just things around it. Think about cosplay, art, concepts and many more. Don’t expect any gametrailers or discussion about which game better was. No, it is about creativity around Assassin’s Creed.

We weren’t happy about the colors too of Global, so we have adjusted that as wel. It has become a beautiful sharp blue color that will always pop out. Besides that have we made clearer logo’s that represent our clubs, because our clubs are meaningful as well. And as final did we give our Facebook covers a makeover, plus our banners on the site and also on our Facebook pages did make little adjustments.

All together is our maintheme familair like the old one, but has it gotten a refreshing make over were the colors are more united and represent clarity. We hope that is to your liking.


Ofcourse are we not sitting still with Odyssey in sight. But apart from a totally new game works our team hard on new content. From to looks from now will there be around five new blogs online on our website, some in English and some in Dutch.

We hope that the updates will be to your liking: A makeover here and there, livestreams directly on Facebook and more content on the website.

And follow us on our Facebook pages:

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MyCreed Global and Club

MyCreed Creative and Club

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