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Announcement: Q1 MyCreed news and updates

Last year we announced that we planned to make some changes. With a new Lead Designer Ivar, who is taking charge on this part. Our website contains no comment section any more. And we are starting with more and detailed news articles. In this announcement you can read about these subjects.   

Lead Designer

One of the things I am really proud of is the designs we have, I like the style, the colours. It costs many hours of work to get the perfect MyCreed/Abstergo look. And YES I made them all and I am really proud of it. But I had always a ‘shadow’ Designer Ivar. The past few months and especially weeks he started to do more design work. And after today I will pass on my work / job as a Lead Designer to him. Together with Melissa they will pick up where I left. Of course I will make my own designs because I still love to do this work but not for the entire company any more.

No comment

Our first big change for the website is our comment system, yes we still had a comment section on our website, but nobody used it except some spammers. We had in the beginning a lot of comments on the website therefore I thank everybody, yes also the spammers they gave us a lot of more work. We always share all the website content on our Facebook pages. People are reading it and later on the comments/discussions are on Facebook in that particular message. Therefore the comment section has no use any more for us. From now on you can read the content (Blog/Article and more) and give a comment/feedback or message on Facebook.

News and Assassin’s Creed updates

We always share almost all the Assassin’s Creed news and updates on our Facebook pages. But it was always another website or page. With our new editor Renzo and of course our Editor in Chief we are starting to publish news articles on our website as well. With more information and of course on our own website/platform. Our plan of action will be very simple when news arrives we share a short snippet on our pages. In the meantime we take a closer look and make a good article about this subject and post in on the website within 2 max 3 days. In Dutch / English or both, this depends on the content. Our goal will always be to make the news article as good as we can make it. Our team members have different working schedules, so this is why our goal will be like this and we dont become the first to share the news on our website.

This was a small announcement, but they are really important for us MyCreed. Keep a close eye to our pages and website because we will come with more announcements soon.