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[Blog] 2016 lookback by Ivar Blaauw

I have been a fan of the series of Assassin’s Creed for quite some time and cosplayed my first Assassin’s Creed character back in 2010 (Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Since then my life changed a lot and now I am here, writing and editing for MyCreed Global and World. In March I got the opportunity to join the MyCreed team and I haven’t had any regrets doing so!

As an Interactive and Graphic Designer I already did some jobs in the field, but being asked to join MyCreed was a rare opportunity I didn’t expect to happen. Funny fact here is that the summer of 2015 I told by best friend I wanted to write about Assassin’s Creed, Cosplay and eventually meet some important persons from Ubisoft. In 2016 alone I already reached two of these goals.

When I was asked to join MyCreed by Michael, I didn’t really knew how to start, although I had some wild ideas (The Ideas blogs). However it became clear the fanbase wasn’t waiting on those, so I dropped other ideas after the initial release, perhaps to be used later on. While at first I was only partially writing on Global, somewhere around June, I was tasked to lead Global entirely. Which after the first few months became easier and easier.

For next year I have some ideas to involve you, the readers, and all other Assassin’s Creed fans in MyCreed Global. I will kick off the year 2017 with some fan opinions about the series, their favourite moments etcetera. I hope this will become a monthly recurring event on the Facebook page of Global or even every two weeks. I will also start with an encyclopedia on this website about the series, characters and locations.

In the end I just want to thank Michael and Mandy from the initial MyCreed team for giving me this opportunity to join their team and of course all the Assassin’s Creed fans for making this franchise so great! After all I am doing this for you and I hope to entertain you for the next few years! I do want to ask something of you all though: Is there anything specific you want me to write about, please tell me in the comment section down here or on facebook.

– Ivar